Promote a Product By Announcing a Special Sale or Complimentary Gift • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


This letter announces a special sale or gift to entice the reader to buy a product. Steps one and two needn't be in order, but both are necessary to the letter.

How to write this sales letter:

  1. Detail when, where, and how the reader can benefit from your offer.
  2. Announce what the specifics of your offer are, such as the exact percentage off certain merchandise, or what the complimentary gift is.
  3. Sell the product or service that the sale or gift promotes.
  4. Invite the reader to respond immediately, or offer to contact the customer yourself.

Example Letter #1


The holiday season is fast approaching. Let me help you save time shopping for gifts.

I carry an absolutely unique gift line that is both historical and beautiful. I have hundreds of specimens of Dominican amber with insects. Additionally, I carry Dominican blue amber with and without insects.

Many of my customers also purchase a loupe to get a closer view at those insects in the amber. When you buy amber from me, I will discount the loupe 25%!

Here are some of the things people are saying about my amber:

*(list testimonials)

A full display of photographs and pricing can be found on my web site (list web address), or you can call me at 555-5555. I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Example Letter #2


We are offering all Doe customers a chance to save up to 45% on computer software this Saturday, March 15, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., at our Main Street store. Receive discounts on all the latest software packages by bringing canned food for the homeless. The more food you bring, the more you save. Plan to be there!

Example Letter #3


Great news! Next week, on January 25, Doe fine cosmetics will extend an incredible offer. Buy $15 worth of your favorite cosmetics and you will receive a handy carrying case, lipstick in Berrypink, lip liner in Rock Mauve, and our famous age-defying moisturizing cream. Don't be left out! Mark your calendar now. This unique offer is available for one day only.

As a long-time user of Doe cosmetics, you are no doubt aware of their hypoallergenic ingredients and color that stays true. But did you know they are made of only the finest natural ingredients, which makes them gentle to your skin and environmentally friendly? And Doe never tests its products on animals.

Approximately two days before the sale you should receive a coupon in the mail reminding you of this fantastic offer. Redeem it for your special gift at the nearest fine department store with a $15 Doe cosmetic purchase.

Example Letter #4


For a limited time Doe Flooring will install your new hardwood floor for 10% off their already low prices when you present this coupon to any Doe Flooring center. Many new styles and colors are in stock, and professional decorators will help you choose the finest flooring to match your decor. The first 20 customers will also receive a gallon of Floor Revive, our patented dressing for protecting and preserving fine wood floors. But hurry, this offer can't last forever. Come in now to see our fantastic selection.

Example Letter #5


When we say we appreciate your business, we mean it. As a Charter Member, the Doe Credit Card gives you special treatment with our Cardholder Rewards Program--and your first reward is here!

The enclosed phone card gives you ten free minutes of XYZ long distance phone service. Using it will not affect your regular long distance service, whether or not you already use XYZ service. There is no gimmick, no catch, and no obligation. Any combination of calls made within the domestic U.S. adding up to ten minutes is entirely free. Just carefully read the enclosed literature on how to use the card, and your phone card is ready to go.

So call today, compliments of the Doe Card. When your ten free minutes are up, you can add additional minutes to the enclosed card in any $10 (20 minutes) increment by calling 555-5555. Fifty cents per minute will be conveniently charged to your Doe Card account.

If you have questions or comments about your phone card, call our 24 hour customer service line at 555-5555.

Example Letter #6


Now you can own the diamond of your dreams for as little as $29.95 per month.

Doe Diamonds International is your source to bring higher quality diamonds direct from the cutting wheels straight to your home. Because the Doe family includes miners, exporters and manufacturers you can count on buying your diamond at a substantial savings below its appraised value. In addition, the jewels Doe Diamonds selects to present to you are graded and appraised twice. First by Doe's own experts, who have many years of experience grading diamonds, and second by an independent appraiser that issues a written report certifying the quality of your diamond.

You can feel confident when you purchase through Doe Diamonds International. Call one of our representatives at 555-5555 to receive your free Diamond-Pak.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Detail when, where, and how the reader can benefit from your offer.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • Doe Appliances is holding a 4th of July sale this Saturday the 2nd through Monday the 4th.
  • You may not own an oil field, but Doe Oil can make money for you! Just ask for Doe oil the next time you get your oil changed, and mail us your proof of purchase for a $5 rebate.
  • Because you are a preferred customer, I would particularly like to invite you to Doe Motors' 25th Anniversary Sale.
  • This month we can guarantee you some real savings. Saturday, January 10, we are holding our annual after-Christmas sale.
  • Hurry over to Doe Paint--this sale ends July 19.
  • Time is running out to save on all of your office furniture needs at Doe Furniture. Visit our store between October 17 and 21 and receive a free collector's item pencil sharpener for your office.
  • Starting January 2, we at Doe International are prepared to give you discounts on all airline ticket purchases for participating airlines.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • all you have to do is
  • are holding our annual
  • are holding a special sale this
  • can guarantee you some real savings this week on
  • come to our store this week and receive
  • for a limited time you can stock up on
  • for one week we can give you deep discounts on all
  • for the next two days only
  • hurry over to
  • it's our anniversary and
  • join us in celebrating the
  • mail us your proof of purchase
  • now is the best time to take advantage of
  • offer is only to a select group of customers
  • this offer ends on
  • this week only we can offer you
  • this week save an additional
  • time is running out for you to save on
  • we are celebrating our
  • we want you to try us out
  • would like to invite you to our
  • can save hundreds of dollars on
  • are invited to our private sale on
  • your chance to take advantage of

2 Announce what the specifics of your offer are, such as the exact percentage off certain merchandise, or what the complimentary gift is.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Present this ad and save 40% off any pair of eyeglasses. That's a possible savings of $40 to $175. This sale includes all frames and all prescription lenses.
  • Get a free ear piercing with the purchase of any starter set. Now, all 14-carat gold starter kits are 15% off.
  • This sale features 10% off all purchases totaling $150 or more.
  • These are the rules: buy one CD at the regular price and get the next two for $3.99 each!
  • Get a haircut for each family member and pay only $15 each--a savings of $5 on each haircut.
  • When you buy any car on the lot this weekend, you will receive a double bonus--a gift certificate for 10 free car washes at any Doe Car Wash and a $200 cash rebate.
  • As a preferred customer, you can cash in on our greatest sale ever--50% off all merchandise on the sales floor, and free refreshments, too!
  • For this month only, you will save 15% on all bulk orders.
  • We are so confident that we are the best in the industry that we offer our first-time customers a free month's trial of our health and fitness facilities. If at the end of the month you are not satisfied, you can cancel your contract with no further obligation.
  • For each friend or associate who purchases from us because you referred them, you will receive a $10 gift certificate to the Doe Restaurant located in downtown Springfield.
  • We have marked down our entire inventory to make room for new merchandise. You'll never see savings like this again!
  • Our installation is FREE. Plus, with our free in-home estimates, you'll never have to leave the comfort of your own home.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • are actually taking a loss on these
  • as a preferred customer you are eligible for
  • bring in this letter and save
  • buy one at the regular price and receive
  • cash in on our greatest sale ever
  • clearing out all our stock of
  • come take advantage of our special sale on
  • enter our free drawing for a
  • free refreshments for everyone
  • free month's trial
  • free gift just for coming in
  • get one of equal or lesser value free
  • great prices and free installation
  • making room for new models
  • marked down our entire inventory
  • never see savings like this again
  • no obligation to buy anything further
  • our mail-in cash rebate offer
  • receive a free gift with the purchase of any
  • receive an additional discount of
  • special coupon for further savings
  • take advantage of this very special
  • this money-back offer
  • and we will pay the shipping

3 Sell the product or service that the sale or gift promotes.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • Now you don't have to wait for the concert to get your trend-setting T-shirts featuring your favorite groups. You can get them any time of the year!
  • We at Doe Corporation have always taken great pride in our work. We guarantee that our products are the best quality you can buy at the lowest possible cost.
  • We work hard to make quality affordable. First, we guarantee the lowest prices on all products and services.
  • We're Springfield's first department store, founded in 1868. Today we carry over 3000 quality products.
  • Go back to school in Doe's quality clothing and accessories.
  • The Doe exercise machine gives an aerobic, full-body workout that stretches and tones all major muscle groups. This new model will help you burn body fat and lose weight in your own home. It's fun and easy to use, so you will use it. What more could an exercise machine offer?
  • Choose from a wide variety of check styles, from distinguished executive patterns to cuddly animal portraits. Plus, you can be absolutely sure that Doe designer checks will be accepted at any bank. We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Our cookware is rated among the most durable in the country. Our pots and pans feature porcelain enamel exteriors, nonstick interiors, and steam vent knobs.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • an impressive collection
  • best quality you can buy
  • blends in beautifully with any
  • both practical and pleasing
  • built-in features
  • can arrange delivery right now
  • can know you're getting the best
  • does three jobs at once
  • don't have to wait another day for your
  • don't have to wait to buy your
  • engineered for dependability
  • experience the pleasure of
  • great opportunity to stock up on
  • guarantee your satisfaction
  • guarantee lowest prices
  • is fun and easy to use
  • lowest prices possible
  • making superb quality affordable
  • more advanced features
  • more powerful and sensitive
  • one purchase you will never regret
  • only the price has changed
  • practical and decorative
  • proud to carry the Doe line
  • provide those all-important finishing touches
  • relieve you of worrying about petty details
  • simple to operate
  • special order at the same prices
  • the quality hasn't changed
  • we offer a wide variety of
  • you too can save on your
  • you too can enjoy the
  • you can be absolutely sure that

4 Invite the reader to respond immediately, or offer to contact the customer yourself.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • Please fill out the attached order form, and return it in the pre-stamped envelope immediately. This offer expires at the end of June.
  • This sale will only last for a few more days.
  • I will call you in a few days to set up a time for your free estimate.
  • Supplies are limited, so arrive early to get the best deals.
  • Call immediately for the location nearest you.
  • Send in the enclosed order form with this special coupon while supplies last.
  • Call one of our customer service representatives toll free from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1-800-555-5555. Ordering instructions are available 24 hours a day.
  • Don't miss this chance! Come see us this week.
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • arrive early for the best selection
  • call now to set up an
  • call immediately for
  • come in today for your free
  • send today for your
  • don't miss this unbeatable offer
  • fill out attached form and
  • the first 200 customers will receive
  • if you send payment now
  • if you order within the next week we will
  • is good only while supplies last
  • mail it in today
  • now is the time to learn more about
  • offer is good only through the end of
  • only 40 left at this price
  • only three more days to
  • start enjoying your savings today
  • supplies are limited
  • the best time to buy is right now
  • the coupon expires on
  • this offer ends on
  • this sale ends on
  • when they're gone, they're gone
  • will call you in a few days to