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We mean every word. Doe Long Distance can save you 35% off your long distance phone bills.

And you don't take a step down in quality. We offer the same fiber optic system as the big boys, except we charge much less.

Why haven't you heard of us? Because instead of spending millions on expensive advertising, we rely on word-of-mouth and pass the savings on to you.

But great prices aren't the only terrific deals we offer. Doe Long Distance gives you:

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, we'll switch you back to your old service free.

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How do you sign up? Just call any time 555-5555. We'll change you over free and you'll be saving money within 10 minutes! And if you act by (date), we'll give you a FREE calling card worth $20!

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...Everybody wants to make domestic and overseas phone calls without watching the clock! Now that dream has become a reality. High phone bills are now a thing of the past.

...Oh Yes! Introducing DOE PHONE SYSTEM! Now friends and family can enjoy the luxury of long, personal or business phone calls at low, low rates thanks to the Doe Phone System!!!

...The Doe Phone System has revolutionized the long distance calling process. It enables you to place cost-saving calls day or night, weekdays or weekends. And hands down, it is the cheapest way to make overseas phone calls at just $0.04 per minute.

No more collect calls from family & friends who live abroad!

...The Doe Phone System is a must have if you reside in the US or Canada, because you can make all interstate calls within North America at this incredibly low rate. How many long distance services plans can offer you a rate like that?!!!

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