Miscellaneous Collection #2 • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1



Our Wholesale Direct Relationships Save YOU Money!

Here at DoeSuperstore.com our buyers are constantly looking for ways to bring you the hottest deals on top quality name brand products. By utilizing our wholesale direct relationships, we are able to offer the most exciting selection of products on the Internet... all at unbeatable prices!

Click on the link below to take a look at our new Product Catalog and experience our unique mix of products for yourself. Maybe you'll find that perfect gift, something for the family, or just a special treat for yourself. With over 10,000 incredible products to choose from, you're sure to find just what you're looking for! (Give link)

We invite you to join our e-mail list where we will periodically send you information about our new products, promotions, services and specials!

Please enter your e-mail address below.

We are happy to have you as a customer.

Example Letter #2


The May issue of Doe Footwear Review will focus on trends and manufacturers' third quarter product releases and reviews. This is a great opportunity for you to get your winter boot line in front of over 200,000 buyers.

The typical Doe Footwear Review reader buys over $250,000 in product per year. Here is more demographic information:

*(list prominent information)

The reason companies like yours advertise in Doe Footwear Review is simple: we get results. Take advantage of Doe Footwear Review's excellent response rate and increase your sales.

I've enclosed a media kit and rate card. The closing date for the next issue is March 15. Let us help you increase your sales Doe Footwear Review!

Example Letter #3


Do you want in on a secret? Here's a terrific way to beat the crowds, avoid the traffic, and wipe out the "out of stock" signs that inevitably come with holiday shopping?

Visit NEW Doe Creations Online at: (web address)

From glue sticks to scissors, Doe Creations Online is your one-stop shop for all the creativity supplies you'll ever need--just in time for the holidays!

Here's where you get:

*(List items)

Remember: nothing beats the convenience of shopping from your home--except for the competitive pricing you'll find on all of our supplies!

So beat the holiday rush, take advantage of low sale prices, and stock up on your creative supplies today!

Visit NEW Doe Creations Online today!


P.S. Hurry! Fun holiday supplies make terrific gifts. Visit today!

Example Letter #4


Do you remember the days when "the customer was always right"? Well, somehow in the technological revolution of the late 20th Century that philosophy was replaced with "the almighty dollar is always right." We at Doe Photography believe that it is not too late to get back to the days when businesses listened to their customers. We understand that people don't like to be tricked into buying something they don't want, and then get the run around trying to get a refund. At Doe Photography, we will make every effort to ensure that what you expect is exactly what you get!

And we would like to tell you exactly what you can expect from us!

1) Quality Photographs: We make every effort to ensure our products meet our high standard for resolution, color saturation and quality.

2) 30-day Money Back Guarantee! We will give you a 100% refund if you are not satisfied for any reason with our product! Simply send back your product within 30 days, and we will send back your money.

3) FREE SHIPPING! We've all seen the ads. The product is $12.95 and the Shipping and Handling charges are $9.95. Who are they kidding? That's what we call deceptive advertising, and you'll see none of it here!

4) We will make every effort to ship your products as soon as possible.

5) Low prices. We actively monitor our competition to assure that our prices remain at or below any photographer who offers our same quality.

Can you duplicate our services anywhere else? Come and visit us today (address, phone).

Example Letter #5


Here is a chance for you to have your photographs seen by people across the country.

Doe Photography is now sponsoring its annual Photography Contest. Some of our past winners have gone on to lucrative careers.

*(Name winners)

This could be your opportunity to display your talent to thousands of people.

Simply complete the enclosed entry form and include a sample of your finest work. The entry fee is only $40--a small amount to launch a career.

If our judges choose you as the winner of our contest, both you and your photographs will be featured in the October edition of Doe Photography Review.

Please enter our contest today.

Example Letter #6


Last week we received your name from an Internet list stating that you are interested in magnets and magnetic assemblies. Doe Magnets is the company to fill your needs.

As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of magnets, magnetic assemblies, and magnet health products, we invite you visit our web site at (web address) for information on our lines of magnets.

Doe Magnets is a global supplier for magnetic products with offices in (list cities). We have been in business since (year) and have thousands of satisfied customers. Here is what some of them have to say:


Please let us know if you would like us to send you our Doe Magnets brochure. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Example Letter #7


We would like to get your feedback on how we are doing.

Recently you called for an emergency locksmith and we would like to have your thoughts about the quality of service you received. Your answers to the enclosed short questionnaire will be helpful in our efforts to serve you better and reward our employees for prompt, courteous service.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. And thanks for letting us serve you.

Example Letter #8


Welcome to Doe Corporation!

Becoming acclimated to a new company and a new position is always challenging. We invite you to start with the Information Center on the Main Floor.

There you will be able to get a good overview of the company and its facilities. Some of the services available to you through the Information Center include:

*(list prominent features)

We will call you next week to follow up and make sure you are having a good start. We wish you much success at Doe Corporation and look forward to working with you.

Example Letter #9


We are having our "End of the Year Blow Out Sale" from (dates). Quantities are limited, so you need to act fast.

Doe Accessories carries a large variety of (list primary products). Here are just a few of the great deals you will see:

*(list product sales and special prices)

AND...You receive FREE shipping on any order over $45.00 retail!

Come down and see us--but act today. We can only guarantee these low prices as long as supplies last.

Example Letter #10


Doe Fisherman Supplies would like to invite you to take advantage of our Doe Fishing Rod Promotion. This promotion is being offered exclusively to our previous customers. Please act now! Supplies are limited.

Here are the highlights of the promotion in a nutshell:

*(list features)

- Limited Supply -

Because they are handmade, we only have a few of these rods in stock. Give us a call to place your order--555-5555. To take advantage of this deal you must contact us by phone. These rods will go quickly.

Example Letter #11


I probably spent too much time in your booth admiring your photography. The quality brought lots of customers and was one of the hits of the convention.

I wanted to thank you for picking up literature on our framing line. As I told you, I truly believe that these frames will sell incredibly well in your studio. I have enclosed a full catalog of our frames for you to digest--then let's talk.

I will call you next week. I look forward to furthering our relationship.

Example Letter #12


I enjoyed getting acquainted at the Eye Wear Convention last week. Your ideas about donating a percentage of your profits to drug rehabilitation centers intrigued me.

I wanted to follow up on your comment about your company's possibly carrying our line of contacts. I think with your reach, these contacts would be very profitable. I have taken the opportunity to enclose our most recent catalog and some samples of the contacts. I would like to follow up by phone on Friday, if that is convenient for you.

I look forward to working with you.

Example Letter #13


Even though Doe Office Supplies no longer has your account, we value your opinion.

Would you mind taking just a few minutes to help us improve our products and services by completing the enclosed questionnaire? It should be completed by the person in your company most responsible for purchasing office supplies. We have enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope, which we hope you will return by October 3.

Thank you very much.

Example Letter #14


Thanks for your interest in Doe Products' point-of-purchase displays. At the Chicago trade show, many people remarked just how versatile our displays were. In fact our sales are soaring.

Historically, we have sold our displays direct; however, during the last quarter we have experimented with selling them through a few retail outlets. We are now convinced that the retail potential is enormous. That's why we are interested in talking with you about distributing through your retail dealers in the Southwest.

I am enclosing our complete catalog, prices, and terms. After you've taken a look, let's schedule a time to talk. I will contact you next week. We look forward to working with you.

Example Letter #15


We at Doe Marketing pride ourselves in our long history of successfully introducing new products. We can help you move your new products.

*(list testimonial)

As you can see in the first quarter of this product's release, we exceeded every sales goal. Our client's challenge now is to keep the shelves stocked!

We would like to be your marketing consultant. With your product's market and our excellent track record, I think there could be a real success story.

I've enclosed a brochure about Doe Marketing. I am preparing a formal proposal for your consideration. I'll call you next week to set up a time to meet.

Example Letter #16


Print-on-demand books continue to find a large market.

There are several advantages of publishing in this manner. Low inventory and no warehousing are just two. Print-on-demand allows you to publish and release a book with very little risk. Then, when the book begins to move, you can make the decision to print in greater numbers.

Your publishing company could profit by using Doe Print-on-demand Press. We would love to show you our facilities. I'll call you next week about the possibility of setting up a meeting.

Thank you for your consideration.

Example Letter #17


Weary of paper jams in your fax machine?

Doe Fax has documented proof that it is the industry leader in reliability. That translates to less time fighting the fax machine, more time making sales, and more profits.

May I request a time to give you a personal demonstration? I'll call you next week to set up a convenient time.

Example Letter #18


Doe Shipping, the top-rated on-time shipping service in (city), is the most affordable.

And we have a deal for you!

During the month of March, we are offering a 15% discount on all next-day deliveries. Just present the enclosed coupon with your next order. It's that easy!

Take this opportunity to discover the benefits of Doe Shipping. Call 555-5555 to schedule a pick up.

Remember Doe Shipping for all your shipping needs.

Example Letter #19


As sales manager you want to achieve high sales. Doe Sales Technology has developed software to chart out a course of success and graph your progress.

Here is what our software will do for you:

*(list prominent features)

No tool provides a better visual image of progress and success than Doe Sales Technology does.

*(provide testimonial)

Many sales organizations report that their sales have increased by a full third in just two months by utilizing this special program. I'll call you next week to set up a time to get together for a 15-minute demonstration. I know it will be well worth your time.

Example Letter #20


We're new and different!

Here at the new Doe Country Store, we offer western wear that's a cut above what you will find in any other store in town. To kick off our Grand Opening, we are offering sales on all western wear in stock. Here are just a few of our specials:

*(list sales items and prices)

Come by and save. Our Grand Opening lasts from (dates).

Example Letter #21


We now have a limited supply of new Doe Collector Train Cars in the boxes!

These train cars were manufactured in (year) and are now discontinued. Each box includes two train cars with two removable truck trailers--A wonderful gift for model train collectors.

See them now at (web address).

P.S. Remember, supplies are limits and these cars will never be manufactured again!

Example Letter #22


I respect your customer loyalty as you continue to buy from my competitor (company). Indeed, they always offer good products at good prices.

My purpose in writing you is to solicit your business in an area not covered by my competitor.

You may know that our widgets are selling like hot cakes. Adding them to your inventory could only enhance your sales and your bottom line. I've enclosed our new catalog and price list. The first time you order, we'll throw in an extra 10% discount.

I'll call you next week to answer any questions.

Example Letter #23


This Special Offer is Just for You

Hurry! Now through July 31 receive $20 OFF your next purchase of $50 or more.

Use the enclosed coupon for savings.

Great New Reasons to Shop at Our Warehouse.

NEW Paper Products You Need, When You Need Them--We have increased our inventory, so the paper products you need are in stock at guaranteed low prices.

NEW (list reason and description)

NEW (list reason and description)

"Our warehouse has 3 NEW reasons for you to shop us today! Come and see for yourself how we are better than ever." John Doe, CEO

It's All In Store...

* (list 3-5 bullet points of special services)

Shop How It's Best For You!

Call 555-5555

Example Letter #24


Get a FREE Pogo Stick from DoeToysAndMore.com.

Only a few days remain to claim your FREE Pogo Stick. These aluminum, state of the art, pogo sticks feature steel handlebars with removable foam grips, and handles that clip onto the side of the pogo stick.

Order today, and get one FREE (plus shipping and handling). This FREE pogo stick features a telescopic height adjustment, an anodized steel shaft, folding steps, coil spring, and quick release lock. They're available in red and blue. Kids of all ages will love these!

Time is running out to claim your FREE pogo stick.

This offer is only good while supplies last. Pay only the cost of shipping and handling with your order. Limit one FREE per customer. Get ready to start bouncing today!

Example Letter #25



His art has inspired awe while capturing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. From the walls of major corporations to the farm kitchens in Des Moines, John Doe's art has found a place in the hearts of Americans. This full-color artistic collection was recreated under the direction of John Doe, himself.

Because January marks the time when all calendars are deeply discounted to move them fast. We are offering this oversized, beautiful calendar to all our subscribers for just $6.00--Quantities are limited so order soon!!

Example Letter #26


Thanks for your recent order! We hope it's the first of many.

We are shipping your jacket via UPS and it should arrive to you by September 20.

When you see how beautiful the jacket looks on you, I know you'll want to take a look at our other products. I have enclosed our fall catalog. Please check out our new line of sweaters. They are the perfect complement to the jacket you ordered. In fact, many of the sweater designs are coordinated to be worn with the jacket.

I'll call you next week to make sure that your jacket arrived and that you are totally satisfied. Then we can discuss our new sweater line.

Between now and then, if you have questions, please contact me at 555-5555.

Example Letter #27


Thank you for your order for 150 Doe personalized pencils. They will be arriving next week.

Personalized pencils have proven to be a great gift to customers--a way to say "Thanks for shopping at our store." These pencils are not only attractive and inexpensive to give, but they promote repeat business. You'll see that your customers will come back for more!

As an added bonus, we're also enclosing a free counter display. It holds 50 pencils. Its engaging design will draw attention to your gift.

I'll contact you next week to discuss other premium products that we carry that can work equally well to promote repeat business. At that time, you can let me know how many Doe personalized pencils you'll want to reorder to replace those that you have given away.

Once again, thanks for your order.

Example Letter #28


It's time again for our festive open house event. As you know, once a year we invite our preferred customers to our open house ... and since you're one of our preferred customers, you're invited!

This event has become a tradition, and it marks out biggest sale of the year. Next Friday at 8:00 p.m., the doors to the open house swing wide. The public will have to wait until the next morning. This gives our preferred customers the opportunity to join us in a light buffet, entertainment, and SAVINGS! You get to choose the best bargains first, with no crowds or hassles.

So please accept our invitation and join us Friday evening at 8:00. The festivities end at midnight.

P.S. We just received 100 Spanish statuettes, which will be on sale Friday night only. So come early!

Example Letter #29


Daily pain? Ongoing back spasms? You need not endure the discomfort any longer.

Thousands of back sufferers have found relief with Doe's Back Mattress, the inexpensive, high-tech apparatus for people with chronic backaches.

(List two or more reasons for back problems)

(List reasons why this product is the solution)

Lesser quality back products sell for $300 or more in stores. But Doe's Back Mattress does not sell for $300 or $200 or even $100. This incredible queen-size mattress can be yours for the remarkable price of $79! And we pay the delivery charge.

Doe's Back Mattress is manufactured of durable vinyl, is water-resistant, and is self inflatable. Use it on your bed or on the floor. It's equally comfortable.

Try Doe's Back Mattress free for 10 days. Just call us toll-free or return the enclosed card today. If you are not completely delighted, return Doe's Back Mattress and you owe nothing. If, on the other hand, you discover that Doe's Back Mattress is everything we have claimed, you can keep it and we will bill you only $79.

Finally, relief from pain for only $79 ... amazing! Act now. Order your Doe's Back Mattress today while supplies last.

Example Letter #30



Last year was our most successful year in 10 years! Without you, we couldn't have done it!

To show our appreciation, we are instituting "Wild Wednesdays" here at Doe's. And you're invited!

Each Wednesday for the next 12 weeks, we'll be offering gigantic savings on selected items.

It all starts next Wednesday, the 15th, at noon in the pantry.

* (List other specials)

* Plus we'll have many other specials you won't want to miss.

Literally hundreds of items will be on sale for "Wild Wednesdays" only!

So please mark your calendar for next Wednesday and each Wednesday after that. BE ready to be wild!

P.S. As manager of Doe's I am excited about "Wild Wednesdays," and I personally thank you for shopping at Doe's.

Example Letter #31


Presenting an Exclusive, First-ever Limited Edition by Acclaimed Artist John Doe!

Emerging from the sun-washed desert sand are the windswept peaks of New Mexico. Here, amid the awe-inspiring majesty of this rugged landscape, the Pueblo tribes have lived for centuries. A rich and beautiful culture, this noble people are known the world over for their magnificent handicrafts.

Today this creative tradition lives on in a mesmerizing new series from Doe Originals. Introducing the Following the Wolf Pack, a stunning collection of works inspired by the pottery of the Pueblo and featuring the breathtaking art of John Doe! The first presentation of its kind, this landmark series blends sculpture and illustration into works of striking power and spectacular drama.

Please take a moment to enjoy the enclosed brochure and notice how each magnificent issue from the Following the Wolf Pack Collection reflects the mystical essence of Native American culture. The art of John Doe features magical images of the cunning and courageous wolf. Long the subject of legend and lore, the mighty wolf was revered by these ancient peoples for his spiritual wisdom and loyalty.

Enjoy Our Convenient Payment Plan!

(Describe plan and financing.)

Following the Wolf Pack is an exclusive world premier offering from Doe Originals. Limited to 150 castings, each edition in this captivating collection is numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

To add the first limited casting of Following the Wolf Pack to your personal treasury of collectibles, you simply visit our showroom (dates and times). If you are not delighted, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return any item without further obligation. So let yourself be swept away by the mystery of the Pueblo. Reply today!

P.S. The depth and beauty of Native American culture inspires artists and collectors alike. To learn more, please read the enclosed article. Then submit your order today!

Example Letter #32


As we look for ways to improve the quality of student life here at Doe College, we are pleased to remind you of a great way to save money and receive other valuable benefits: the Doe Student Savings Card. We endorse the Savings Card because it's the best way for you to make the most of your money in college.

The Student Advantage Membership can help you save money when you:

buy clothes or shoes

take a spring break trip

buy a book

buy a CD

decorate your room

go home for the holiday

As a Card Holder you can save at over 15,000 locations including (list prominent stores). You'll also receive comprehensive travel benefits, including big discounts on hotels, air, rail, bus and auto travel from places such as (list). You can start saving today: your Savings Card comes with a $20 gift certificate!

It's easy to obtain your Savings Card. Simply visit DoeStudentSavingsCard.com, or call 555-5555.

We think you'll agree that the Doe Student Savings Card is the one thing in college you can't afford to live without. So apply for your card today--and start saving tomorrow.

Example Letter #33


FREE: Secrets to Making a KILLING with On-line Auctions!

Limited Time! You must act by (date).

This HOT report sells for $99 but is Yours FREE if you act now!

One woman in Texas has used these secrets to earn as much as $150,000 per month. You read that right, PER MONTH!

A Wisconsin man earns $35,000 a month just selling this info!

YOU CAN TOO! I'll give you COMPLETE reprint and resell rights and provide it FREE! Not only that, it's FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE with YOUR OWN contact info! This FREE offer won't last long!

Contact me at (email, phone).

P.S. Remember, the report is free, but you must act by (date).

Example Letter #34


Enjoy the best of both worlds:

* current fashions formerly available only in exclusive boutiques

* ease of shopping at your favorite department store

(Name of store) is proud to invite you to the October 21 grand opening of our new Fashion Boutique located on the main floor! Shop the latest fashions from world-renown designers like (list). You'll love our showroom, equipped with beautiful, private fitting rooms and a professional sales staff to help you create that "just right" look.

Help us celebrate our grand opening by accepting the enclosed invitation for the modeling of our fall line of designs. We'll serve cappuccino and pastries. Again, the date is October 21. Please RSVP by October 15.

Come see what our new Fashion Boutique has for you. Our experienced fashion experts will help you select that perfect look. And you can add your purchases to your (name of store) charge account.

As a (name of store) customer, you have enjoyed the high-quality products we've always offered. Now we offer an even greater selection! Please visit our new Fashion Boutique soon. It's a whole new world of shopping!

Example Letter #35


Doe Art Supplies is opening a new store in the City Shopping Center on July 15. To celebrate and to welcome you to our new store, bring this letter and we'll take 20% off any purchase.

Some of our Grand Opening specials will include:

*(list products and discounted prices)

Please stop in and see us.

Example Letter #36


My purpose in writing you is to introduce you to our (name of product). Over the last 8 years that we have been marketing in the United States and Canada, we have had our (name of product) featured in 7 catalogs with a combined circulation of 5 million people.

We believe that you will find (name of product) a good fit for your catalog subscribers. We can offer you:

*(list benefits, pricing, etc)

Please review our (name of product) on our web site: (web address). And then let's talk. I look forward to speaking with you next week.

Example Letter #37


Good evening. May I speak with (name)?

My name is (name) and I am calling to offer your company up to 5 free passes to a Corporate 401(k) Seminar that will held at the Doe Hotel Grand Ballroom on (date, time). This seminar will be given by well-known author and lecturer (name), who will detail how to set up your company's 401(k) and avoid the pitfalls.

At the end of the two-hour seminar, you will receive a free booklet on the basics of corporate financial planning from Investment Seminars, Inc.

How many tickets may I send you to this Investment Seminar?


Wonderful. I will send them to you today. I hope you enjoy the seminar.

(If the answer is NO)

I'm sorry you won't be joining us. If you change your mind, please call 555-5555 for your free tickets. Have a good afternoon.

Example Letter #38


Good evening. May I speak with (name)?

Because you are a valued cardholder of Doe's Wholesale Warehouse, you are eligible for an exclusive auto club membership.

With your new Doe Auto Club Membership, you will receive: (list major benefits).

Your first month is free and thereafter we will bill your card only $5.95 per month--and you can cancel at any time. May I verify the spelling of your name and get your address?


I know you are going to enjoy your new auto club membership. I will put it in the mail today. Have a great day.


I am sorry you don't want to take advantage of this offer right now. Doe's Wholesale Warehouse still appreciates your business, and if you should change your mind, just call us at 555-5555. Have a nice day.

Example Letter #39


Wasn't Los Angeles a great Expo?! The attendance, the food, the music--everything was perfect.

I especially enjoyed our conversation about your planned expansion into sporting goods. I believe our tote bag line would be an ideal addition for you. I hope you have made good use of the sample I gave you.

Each comes fully equipped with

*(list prominent features)

I have enclosed our latest catalog, listing all 20 types, colors, and designs. All are in stock and ready to be shipped. I have also included a price list and discount schedule. I'll call you next week to schedule a time to answer any questions and to discuss a dealership.

I look forward to working with you.