Transmit a Payment • Letter Examples and Guide

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Example Letter #1


RE: Payment of Doe Corp. account

Please find enclosed our payment for $500 which covers the balance of our account with Doe Corporation. This payment covers in full all construction services that Doe Corporation provided for us during the months of July-September, 2018. Thank you for your services. We have been very pleased with the new offices.

Example Letter #2


Subject: Payment of Doe account #555

Please find enclosed my personal check for $150.00 dated March 15, 2018. Please apply it to my account and mail me an invoice reflecting my current balance. Thank you for your usual prompt service.

Example Letter #3


RE: April payment for garbage services, account #123

Enclosed is Doe's check for $100 to cover garbage services for April. This contract has worked out much better than I expected. I want to discuss terms for an additional year. Please give me a call to set up a convenient time to meet.

Letter-Writing Tips

Send this brief letter with a payment to ensure that the reader credits your account properly.

Step-by-Step Guide

3 Discuss details associated with the payment, as necessary. These details may include problems, shortages, quality concerns, or expressions of appreciation.

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