Write a Sales Letter

Sample Letter #1


Do you know that fifty percent of all new small businesses fail? Getting off to the right start is imperative. Doe Financial Services specializes in helping small businesses get started and stay on their feet. We offer free initial consultations and reasonable rates on follow-up services. We would like to help you avoid becoming a negative statistic. Please call 555-5555 and let us help you start right. Your future is in your hands.

Sample Letter #2


Now more than ever it pays to be informed about the impact the food we eat has on our health. But with so many competing theories, how can we keep all the information straight? Now there is a way.

The nutrition department of Doe University publishes a nutrition newsletter each month that addresses the answers to questions such as: How can I stop free radicals from destroying healthy cells? Is eating fat really taboo? Which diet is most conducive to a long life? What is the greatest amount of weight that we may lose per week and still remain healthy and energetic? Are thin people healthier? Such questions are only a few of today's hotly debated topics.

Return the enclosed card today and receive the first issue free. If not completely satisfied, you may cancel your order and keep your first copy. Otherwise, you will continue to receive a newsletter each month. If you return the card now, you qualify for the introductory offer of $16 per year. Don't wait, act today. Take control of your health.

Sample Letter #3


Are you tired of winter? Are you dying to get away for a dream vacation? Doe Travel is pleased to offer six exciting vacation packages at unheard of low prices. Enclosed with this letter are six brochures describing each vacation package, from London to New Orleans to Lake Tahoe. Or, if you prefer, take advantage of one of three weekend getaways for under $399, including airfare. Call now at 555-5555 to reserve your spot. But hurry--this can't last!

Sample Letter #4


Doe University is extremely proud to announce their exhibit of the Imperial Tombs of China. The exhibit is running through March 16, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Discount vouchers for this exhibit are available to University employees through the Springfield credit union for $8 ($2 off the regular $10 ticket).

You must exchange these vouchers for tickets that will admit you at a specific date and time. Tickets can be picked up at the Doe Center Ticket Office. To reserve your ticket in advance using this voucher, contact the Doe Center Ticket Office at 555-5555. Plan to arrive one-half hour before the time listed on the ticket for parking, coat checks, and so on, and allow two hours to see the exhibit.

We look forward to sharing this breathtaking exhibit with all of you in the coming weeks.

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