Thank a Customer For a Payment

Sample Letter #1


We received your March 5th payment of $400 which brings your balance to $0. Your account shows your year-to-date credit with Doe's has been outstanding. We value you as a preferred customer and look forward to future business with you.

Sample Letter #2


Thank you for the prompt payment on your Doe Appliance account. Your February 1 payment of $521.00 clears the remaining balance. We appreciate being able to serve you as your supplier of kitchen appliances for your residential construction. Your credit limit is now $30,000.

Congratulations on winning the Johnson contract in the Springfield subdivision.

Sample Letter #3


Thank you for your $100 payment. This represents the first of ten monthly payments you pledged to bring your account up to date. We appreciate your following through on this commitment and hope we can continue to serve your needs. Please call us if you have any problems.

Sample Letter #4


As the end of the year approaches, we want to express our appreciation to our loyal customers. We deeply appreciate your business and the timely manner in which you pay your bill each month. We hope you enjoy the enclosed calendar featuring scenes by local artists. We look forward to doing business with you in the coming year.

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