Home Builders

Letter #1


A Letter from Doe Custom Homes:

Our company was founded on the premise that we would build custom homes that exceed the dreams of our home buyers. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.

We work closely together with you to create your dream home, because we are all part of the same team. We want you to be happy with your new home. Our success is measured by your satisfaction.

When you begin to plan your new dream home, please call us at 555-5555.

Letter #2


We at Doe Builders are proud to note our long-standing contribution to (city). We have been fulfilling family dreams ... and providing new homes ... since (year).

We are the largest custom home builder in the area, and we have crafted over 4,000 beautiful homes for our satisfied customers. Yet, despite our size and success, we remain firmly committed to the highest standards of quality right down to the smallest detail.

Doe Builders is more than a "quality custom home builder" ... We also build neighborhoods and planned communities that are designed to enhance today's quality of life and offer the security of protected values for tomorrow. Our neighborhoods include features such as:

*(list features)

And we are here to stay. Doe Builders is committed to providing you any required service after you move into your Doe home.

The Doe building crews and subcontractors are among the most skilled and experienced in the state of (name). They take great care and pride in their work ... and in the homes they build. We are extremely proud that most of these craftsmen have been long-term members of the Doe family.

We feature high quality nationally known products and materials in our homes, and we are always striving to research potential product improvement and to stay on the cutting edge of change. As a result, Doe homes are built to incorporate all aspects of technology that make sense for today's home owner.

You can rest assured that your new Doe home will have the added protection of our Doe Builders Exclusive Warranty. We are committed to superior customer service and that commitment has provided us our good reputation.

We at Doe Builders are active members of the (City) Chamber of Commerce, (City) Builders Association, The (City) Board of Realtors, and state and national building associations. Doe offers you peace of mind because we are here to stay!

Letter #3


A letter from our family to yours:

When we started building family homes back in (year), we established our mission statement: "We would want our own families to live in any home we build." That mission has carried us these many years and been the reason why over 5,000 families call a Doe home their home.

We strive to make you happy with your new home. That's why quality is the watchword every step of the construction process.

We want you to have the best service available. That's why we offer you a "virtual build" when we work with you, meaning you can activate a web site that monitors the progress as it happens. You'll always know what is happening.

Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Letter #4


Helping you bring your dreams of a custom log home to reality.

A Letter from the President:

Doe Log Homes has specialized in custom log homes for 15 years. Our design, logs, and craftsmanship have received awards such as (list recognition).

Doe Log Homes began with a mission to build custom log homes that exceed the dreams of our home owners.

We will work together with you in every aspect to create your dream log home, from locating the building site to designing your perfect kitchen. You will be involved every step of the way. We are all part of the same team. Quality is the foundation for every home we build. Our success is based on making your dream a reality.

Letter #5


A letter from Custom Home Builder, John Doe:

There's nothing quite like a home at the beach...the salt air, the pounding surf, the sand between your toes, the special smells, and the magnificent, never-ending beauty.

Doe Builders can build this "little part of heaven" for you without any hassles. Here are sample testimonials from some of our satisfied customers:

*(list testimonials)

At Doe Builders we've been helping people turn dreams into reality for nearly ten years. We want to help you make your dreams come true!

Call us to arrange a no-obligation appointment. I will show you our portfolio and give you specifics on how you can have your dream home built to your satisfaction.

Letter #6


Enclosed you will find elegant new home plans to choose from. Each home plan is unique, yet all are built with one goal in mind--to give you Affordable Quality Construction. At Doe Homes, we offer as standard amenities many features for which other builders charge substantially. Our homes are built with structural integrity not found in this price range. Lastly, unlike the "tract home" builders, we take pride in our ability to customize our plans to fit your needs.

Letter #7


We would like to thank you for your interest in Doe Construction. Let us assure you that we take great pride in building a quality home. We value a satisfied customer, not only during the building process, but in the years following completion. While reading through our enclosed brochure, be sure to take a minute to read a few of the testimonials we've received from our past customers.

As you may know, new builders come and go and often disappear within a few years. We are very proud to have been in the home-building business in (city) for the last 20 years! We take pride in our solid reputation.

Having worked with many of the same subcontractors and employees for many years gives us an advantage that other builders don't enjoy. We can complete most residential projects within 120 days. Our track record over the last 20 years in meeting or beating agreed upon completion dates is one of the best, if not THE best.

Take a few minutes to review in our brochure some of our sample floor plans. If you don't find one that fits your needs and your budget be sure to let us know. We have hundreds of additional plans to choose from, or we can build your custom dream home from scratch.

If you're still not sure, we feel confident enough in our service and in our product that we invite you to shop around. For your convenience we've included a builder comparison checklist. We hope you find it beneficial.

Again, thank you for your interest in Doe Construction Company. We would appreciate the opportunity to become "your builder". If in the mean time you find you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We can be reached most anytime by phone by calling 555-5555.

Letter #8


A Letter from John Doe

A little more than 12 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that founded Doe Homes. Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of starting this company was the opportunity to lay the foundation, right at the beginning, for what we were going to stand for. We said it then, and we have lived it since. We are here to provide the "highest-quality homes" for our customers.

Many builders use the word "quality" when they talk about what they do, but you really don't know what they mean until they actually begin the building process. Quality to us means excellent materials, superb workmanship, and timely completion. Quality is not only the cornerstone of our commitment to our customers...it is the backbone of the way we do business.

Our devotion to quality starts with the people that make up our team. We hire only top-notch individuals who are both talented and passionate about serving the needs of customers. This approach to hiring extends to our subcontractors. While price is important so that we can pass value along to our customers, we ultimately make our subcontracting decisions based upon concerns such as craftsmanship, creativity, and customer focus. The materials and features we include in our homes are also fine examples of our never-ending quest for quality. When you compare the items that are included in our homes to those of other builders, the quality of a Doe home will shine through.

The places we choose to build, perhaps above all, show how devoted we are to preserving natural quality. We are devoted to building with, rather than on top of, nature.

Lastly, the way we treat our customers exemplifies our commitment to quality. We know that our customers could have selected any builder, and we honor their choice of Doe Homes by never forgetting it is our privilege to have the opportunity to meet their needs. My personal commitment to our customers is to guarantee they are all treated with a consistent, high level of care, and to ensure that our passion for quality remains as strong as when we first opened for business. We want you to be very happy with your new home.

I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Please call me at 555-5555.

Letter #9


Doe Homes was started in (year) while I was working for a premiere homebuilder. For over three years, I was a top-performing builder, completing over 100 homes for families in (city). Customer satisfaction has always been my top priority, and I am pleased that customer surveys have consistently given me high marks.

I always believed that I could provide a higher level of customer satisfaction by starting my own company. I thought that by lowering overhead costs and focusing on fewer houses under construction at the same time, I could provide a better home for less with a higher number of satisfied homeowners.

Now, as I lead Doe Homes into its (#) year of business, my main focus continues to be building high quality homes with a level of customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations. I make the customer top priority, with weekly updates. In addition, I personally meet with each customer during prescheduled meetings during the construction of their home. These meetings include:

*(list types of meetings)

This level of communication allows the customer and builder to develop a working relationship that ensures that each home is built meets the customer's needs and expectations. It is my goal that every customer will recommend without reservation Doe Homes to their family and friends.

Letter #10


From the President of Doe Modular Homes

Thank you for considering Doe Modular Homes as the builder and general contractor of your new home.

We are one of the most successful and respected builders of modular homes in (name) State. Our success is due, in part, to our hundreds of satisfied customers referring us to their friends and relatives year after year.

Our marketing, production, service, and management staff is well trained and highly professional. In addition, we have hand picked each of our subcontractors based on their craftsmanship and integrity. Most have been with us for many years.

We have developed successful working relationships with several local and regional banks. Their mortgage officers come to our office to meet with customers in order to expedite the application and approval process.

Doe Modular Homes has a comprehensive warranty backed by our in-house service department.

Since (year) we have been constructing quality homes. Our reputation is a reflection of our commitment to quality, and our ability to provide a home our customers are proud to own.

Thank you again for your interest in Doe Modular Homes. We hope we have the opportunity to serve you and your housing needs.

Letter #11


After 3,700 properties (that's how many we've managed over the years), we at Doe Homes have discovered that there is a way to build a better home. Our experience taught us that there are things that can be done to make owning a home less work and less stress.

We'd spent years maintaining properties both for ourselves and for others. We've experienced what happens to homes that are not constructed well. We've seen the leaks, gaps, cracks, shifts, and broken fixtures.

That's why we decided to build our own new homes. We feel it is important for a new home to perform long after the warranty has expired. We know what it takes to maintain a home, and we have built many homes that will be just as functional down the road as they are the day you move in.

Our mission is to provide a way for people to buy affordable, maintainable homes. Call us today at 555-5555. We will send you our free informational kit.