Ask For an Investment

Sample Letter #1


I recently talked to my father about expanding a business I am running on the side. Since he knows of several successful businesses that have gotten their start with your financial backing, he gave me your name as a possible investor.

At present, I am selling my home-baked brownies to fine restaurants. These moist, rich chocolate brownies have generated more attention than I ever anticipated. My customers jokingly say that brownie lust is what brings them back. Several are ordering an ever-increasing supply to the point where I cannot keep up with the demand. In addition, a national chain of gourmet coffee houses has approached me to contract with them for their desserts, which would include more than brownies.

I would like to make this a full-time endeavor, but I lack the funds for larger equipment purchases and salaries for two full-time employees. With expansion, the business has great potential. I would like to meet with you to discuss the possibility of your investment in detail. I believe we could both benefit substantially.

Sample Letter #2


I hope you know how much we appreciate you, and how very important your support is to Doe University. Your past contributions continue to assist in increasing the number of academic scholarships and grants-in-aid we can award.

Now we ask you to once again join with us as we launch our ambitious campaign to teach more students, enhance Doe University's educational quality, and expand Doe University's influence. Please evaluate your present circumstances and, if possible, renew your support of this great University.

Our combined participation can, indeed, change the lives of thousands of our youth who seek to use their knowledge to serve their families and communities. We--and they--need you! Please join with us in this historic campaign by sending your gift today.

Sample Letter #3


You have been recommended to me as a strong investor in local businesses. You may recall that we met at the Springfield Chamber of Commerce open house last month. I own "Jane's Place," the restaurant on the corner of Center and Main.

The opportunity has arisen for us to open a second restaurant in Centerville, near the Centerville playhouse. This is a most promising site, but this degree of expansion will necessitate our obtaining capital investment. The original "Jane's Place" is extremely popular with Springfield's young professional population, and I would like to offer you the opportunity to invest in what will almost certainly become Centerville's favorite after-theater gathering place. I expect this new restaurant will not only help to build the downtown area in a very positive way, but will also offer an excellent return on your investment.

I would like to discuss this opportunity with you further. I will be happy to bring you the market research and business plan proposal. I will call you on Friday to set up a meeting, or you can reach me at 555-5555.

Sample Letter #4


Dr. John Doe, the Springfield School District Superintendent, suggested that I write to you. I have taught special education at Springfield elementary school for the past five years. In this time, I have developed a reading program which has enabled 70% of my special education students to improve their reading by two grade levels in a single semester. Other schools in the district have tried the program with similar results, and I now intend to market the program nationally.

Because of your well-known interest in educational technology, I would like to offer you the opportunity to invest in this innovative product. The returns promise to be excellent, both financially and in the knowledge that so many children are being helped. I have enclosed a full description of the program, along with test results of the children who have used it, as compared with a control group.

Would you be interested in meeting with me to discuss this further? I will call early next week to make an appointment.

Sample Letter #5


We have not met previously, but John Doe suggested that you might be interested in my project. My company is planning to develop a retirement community on the shores of Lake Springfield.

Normally, as we develop our real estate holdings, early sales pay for later development, but in this case we need to have the extensive (and costly) central amenities in place before we can proceed with the sale of individual units. We would like to invite you to invest in this timely development. The enclosed prospectus gives a full description of the project, which I am sure you will agree is an appropriate development of an outstanding location.

Could we discuss this over lunch some time next week? I will call you to make arrangements.

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