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Christmas Sales • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


You've been a loyal customer of Doe Crafts for almost as long as I've been in the business--fifteen years. Needless to say, I know you love beautiful crafts. And that's why I want you to be the first to know about our pre-Christmas sale and give-away.

This Saturday, December 10, Doe Crafts will give away a thirty-six inch high Santa Claus to the 100th customer who walks through the door. Many new holiday crafts will be on sale as well, everything to make your home look warm and cozy for the holidays.

Don't miss these great deals and the amazing Santa give-away at Doe Crafts!

Example Letter #2




Our P.T.A. is again raising funds this year by selling THE ULTIMATE PLUM PUDDING. This pudding, made by dedicated moms, is becoming a holiday favorite.

The ingredients are mouth-watering--(list ingredients). THE ULTIMATE PLUM PUDDING is available only through us, and the proceeds go to support our library. Be sure to buy one for your family and more for your friends.

The 1 lb pudding (serving 4) is available at (give $amount) and the 2 lb pudding is sold at (give $amount). It's a great pudding. You'll love it. Your family will love it.

Use the enclosed order form to order.


Example Letter #3


Christmas Specials!

The Christmas season is a special time of hope, life and giving--and what would be better to give your loved ones than a unique and thoughtful gift of art from DoeArt.com?

This year, DoeArt.com has an irresistible Christmas offer. Sign up to our "Keep Me Posted" list, and receive 10% off all artwork in our online gallery. That's right--buy absolutely any art or craft work and get it for 10% off the marked price!

You'll find our everyday prices very affordable, and you'll be ecstatic over the bargains that this Christmas offer guarantees you. And it's valid until through December 24th.

Shop for all your special Christmas presents in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Purchase through a secure order page, and have your gifts wrapped and sent straight to your loved ones' door. You can even include a personal note, if you would like. Visit us at (web address) to register for our "Keep Me Posted" list now!

Share the Perfect Gift of art with your loved ones this Christmas.

Example Letter #4


Seasons Greetings!

As a valued DoeAstrology.com customer, we want to thank you for your support and share some Christmas Cheer with you.

We've identified some of our best products and our exclusive range of new items for special offers up to 40% off our normal prices. You also stand a chance of winning mystery gifts, and even free Destiny Readings worth $201!

No time to wrap your gift and send it in the mail? Leave that to us! We will gift wrap and even include a Christmas card personalized with your own message.

What's in store for you?

*(list Christmas specials)

Fast, efficient and friendly--that's our pledge to you. But hurry, this offer expires (date).

Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Example Letter #5


It's time to start planning for the Holidays. Thoughts turn to cozy fires, hot chocolate, and decorating the house and tree. Look no further than the enclosed Landscape section of Doe Publication for all of your holiday trimmings. Our Landscape section has specials on ornaments, fresh-cut Christmas trees, beautiful wreaths, and more. Plus, a great selection of gifts.

Buy your holiday decorations through Doe Publication and receive FREE shipping on your entire order with the purchase of any wreath or fresh cut Christmas Tree. Act today!

Example Letter #6


Why not enjoy some holiday shopping on us?

Ho, ho, ho.

Pick up some dough.

Doe Bank would like to give you a $25 stocking stuffer for opening a new Doe Bank account. Just deposit $500 by January 31.

Wait, it gets better. With Doe Bank, you get more value for your money. You earn daily interest between investments. Our CD rates are among the highest in the nation. We not only give you a high rate, but instant access to your money. We give you more interest on checking than most banks give on savings accounts. C'mon. See what you've been missing.

To get started, call 555-5555.

Example Letter #7


Christmas is just around the corner!

It's time for your annual order of Christmas hams for your employees. In past years, you have ordered 60 hams in the 8 to 10-pound range. This year we are pleased to be able to fill your order at the same $1.09 per-pound price as last year. If you would like larger hams, we can do even better--99 cents a pound!

We know that your giving traditional hams is a major event for your employees. It is saying "thanks for a job well done."

Please return the enclosed card to confirm your order. Indicate the number of hams you would like, the sizes, and the date you wish for delivery. It's that simple!

We appreciate your ongoing business and we're just waiting for your current order for immediate shipment. Please send the card today.

The best of the season!

Example Letter #8


Now you can do your holiday shopping in just 12 minutes--by mail!

Surprise your friends with wonderful gifts from the DOE catalog. Thumb through the pages. We're sure you'll find something for everyone on your shopping list...

*(List 3-5 gift items)

Our 160-page catalog includes OVER 1,200 GIFT IDEAS. Many items are DOE catalog exclusives and not sold in stores.

Of course, shipping is free at DOE, and your order is sent within 24 hours of receipt. Gift-wrapping? Drop shipments? To-from cards? No problem. We make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.

To receive your copy of the DOE catalog, just send $1.00 in the enclosed envelope. When your catalog arrives by Priority Mail, it will include a gift certificate for 15% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE.

You can get started on your holiday shopping right now! Send for your DOE catalog today and shop in the relaxing atmosphere of your own home.

Example Letter #9


The holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extend our personal thanks to our friends, and give them our very best wishes for the future.

To show our appreciation, we are offering you a 20% voucher on any purchase you make through Christmas.

It is people like you who make being in business such a pleasure all year long.

Thanks again for a wonderful year.


Example Letter #10


Do you remember the Holiday Gifts you received last year? From whom? Are any of the Gifts you gave still being used and enjoyed by the recipients?

I asked myself these questions--and I must confess that I didn't score very high.

However, it did start me looking for a better way, and I came up with a DOUBLE GIFT plan for the coming Holidays--it rewards both the recipient and YOU, the gift giver. That's right. You also receive a Gift with my personal compliments, one that you'll use and profit from all year long.

First of all, send to those on your list our beautiful DOE HOLIDAY CALENDAR at the very low price of $19.95--that's 49% off the suggested retail price. I think you will agree that this is a gift that will not be quickly forgotten and will be used throughout the entire year.

But now for the second gift--the one for you. In appreciation for your sending a DOE HOLIDAY CALENDAR during this holiday season, I have arranged to send YOU the very popular DOE DESK ASSISTANT--a $12.95 value!

This is a Calendar unlike any you have ever seen--and many times more useful. Each of the months has an introductory page on a different topic that is important to you--your health, your money, your home, your taxes, your travel, and more. You'll find scores of timely ideas that will make every month in the coming year a source of pleasure and profit. And it's entirely FREE!

Why not get this part of your Holiday Gift shopping out of the way now? All you need to do is return the enclosed gift form. No crowds to fight ... no waste of shopping time ... no irksome packing and delivery headaches.

And best of all, two people will benefit throughout the coming year--the recipient of the DOE HOLIDAY CALENDAR and you yourself, when you open up your own DOE DESK ASSISTANT.

With My Best Wishes for the Holiday Season!

P.S. Oh, one more thing to add to the festivities. We've designed a charming Gift Card that we will send in your name directly to each recipient of your Gift. I think they will be delighted. I know I would be.