Write to Former Stockholders or Investors

Example Letter #1


My secretary notified me this morning that you have withdrawn your investment in our next upgrade. I am concerned about your reasons for doing so. In fact, I am worried that you may miss out on a valuable opportunity.

Perhaps I neglected to take the time to fully explain to you the positive aspects of this investment. Please, won't you contact me so that we can meet and discuss this wonderful opportunity in detail? I am eager to hear from you and renew our positive business relationship.

Example Letter #2


We received notification that you have moved your investments from our brokerage firm in Springfield. We sincerely appreciate your past business and would ask a small favor of you. Could you take just a minute to write on the enclosed card how we could have better served you, and then drop it in the mail? We wish you well and hope we can serve you again.

Example Letter #3


I was disappointed to note that you are no longer using the Doe Group to manage your investments. I have appreciated your business and wondered if there was something I could have done to serve you better. Please call me and let me know if something was amiss. In the meantime, I will keep you informed of future offerings. We wish you the best at Doe's.

Example Letter #4


We have appreciated your past investment in Doe Enterprises and are sorry you've chosen to sell your stock in our company. I wonder if your decision may have been prompted by complaints or concerns you have about Doe Enterprises. If so, please phone me so we can discuss your concerns. We wish you all the best and would be pleased to work with you again.

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