Motivate a Sales Force • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Congratulate the salesperson or sales force on their fine work.
2Thank them for their contribution to the company as a whole.
3Inform them of any further recognition or incentives they may receive for their superior work.
4Express your confidence in and gratitude for their work, and encourage them to do just as well in the future.


Use this letter to congratulate individuals or groups for outstanding work, and to motivate them for future success. Be sure you are sincere; otherwise, you risk sounding patronizing or offensive to your readers.

Example Letter #1


You did it!

Congratulations! You met your goal of $15,000 in sales for the week! This must be a great feeling!

You should take a well-deserved bow--and I'm giving you that chance at Monday's sales meeting. I want to invite you to share your sales method with our team. I'm having John Doe, the marketing manager, attend the meeting so that he can learn about your achievement firsthand.

Now that you've reached your goal once, I'm sure you'll meet it or beat it in future weeks!

You should be proud of this significant accomplishment. I'm proud of you.

Example Letter #2


Congratulations on exceeding the projected sales for March! You have set a record by surpassing the monthly sales goal four months in a row. Without your help, Doe Corporation would not be what it is today.

Each of you will receive a 15% commission for last month's sales. In addition, if you break next month's new sales goal, each of you will receive a 20% commission.

You have already proven that you are the best sales force in the market, and I am confident you can exceed next month's sales expectations. I am proud and grateful to have such diligent workers on my team. Keep up the great work.

Example Letter #3


We are happy to announce the exciting news that for the third straight year you are the number one sales group in the region. Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication have paid off. Your efforts have taken us beyond our projections for the year. Never before has demand outstripped production the way it has now. Let's keep the ball rolling!

But here is the best news of all. Because the company has confidence in your continued success, it is creating a graduated bonus program. If all goes as planned, you should receive a bonus with your next paycheck. I have every reason to believe that you will achieve even greater success next year. I am fortunate to work with such a great group of winners.

Example Letter #4


I am pleased to inform you that you were the top salesperson at Doe Pharmaceuticals for the month of June. Congratulations! We took a gamble by hiring you without prior sales experience, but in six short months you proved to be well worth the risk. Not only did you surpass your own sales goals for June, but you inspired the entire northeast district to exceed theirs. I would like you to speak at our next district sales meeting and tell us how you did it. I look forward to hearing of your future successes. You have a bright future here at Doe.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Congratulate the salesperson or sales force on their fine work.

Example Sentences for Step 1

Example Phrases for Step 1


Thank them for their contribution to the company as a whole.

Example Sentences for Step 2

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