Request Correction of an Insurance Company's Error

Sample Letter #1


I would like you to correct an error in the way my automobile insurance is rated. My name is John Doe and my policy number is 12345.

You have rated my pickup truck as being driven over 7,500 miles per year, even though I assured my agent that I would drive it only to work each day, which is a five-mile round trip. I know the average mileage is 10,000 per year so it is natural to assume that I would drive about that far, but I do not.

I have driven only 1,400 miles this last year and my current odometer reading is 4,200. If you wish to check the reading after a year, I will be happy to cooperate. In the meantime, please correct my policy and adjust the premium accordingly.

Sample Letter #2


I just received the premium notice for my 2018 pickup truck (policy #12345), and noticed that you have not applied the multiple-car discount to the premium. Please make the correction and inform me what the revised payment will be. My telephone number is 555-5555.

Sample Letter #3


My name is Jane Doe, policy number 55555. This month's summary of my various insurance policies indicates that I only carry $150,000 of life insurance. This is not so. Every summary prior to this one and my policy itself indicates that I carry $450,000 of life insurance. Certainly I pay the premiums for the higher amount. Perhaps this is simply a typographical error? Please correct my summary as soon as possible.

Sample Letter #4


This letter is in reference to Jane Doe's home insurance policy #121212. Instead of the usual amount of $45 on my monthly statement, I was charged $375. I can only assume that you are mistakenly charging me for my auto insurance as well. Please note that I canceled my car insurance with your company in January. Please check your files and send me a revised premium notice.

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