Request Correction of an Insurance Company's Error • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


This letter is brief but courteous. It points out the error and requests review and/or correction.

How to write this error letter:

  1. Give your name, policy number, and claim number if appropriate.
  2. Point out the error.
  3. Explain how the error occurred or may have occurred.
  4. Request correction or action.

Example Letter #1


I would like you to correct an error in the way my automobile insurance is rated. My name is John Doe and my policy number is 12345.

You have rated my pickup truck as being driven over 7,500 miles per year, even though I assured my agent that I would drive it only to work each day, which is a five-mile round trip. I know the average mileage is 10,000 per year so it is natural to assume that I would drive about that far, but I do not.

I have driven only 1,400 miles this last year and my current odometer reading is 4,200. If you wish to check the reading after a year, I will be happy to cooperate. In the meantime, please correct my policy and adjust the premium accordingly.

Example Letter #2


I just received the premium notice for my 2018 pickup truck (policy #12345), and noticed that you have not applied the multiple-car discount to the premium. Please make the correction and inform me what the revised payment will be. My telephone number is 555-5555.

Example Letter #3


My name is Jane Doe, policy number 55555. This month's summary of my various insurance policies indicates that I only carry $150,000 of life insurance. This is not so. Every summary prior to this one and my policy itself indicates that I carry $450,000 of life insurance. Certainly I pay the premiums for the higher amount. Perhaps this is simply a typographical error? Please correct my summary as soon as possible.

Example Letter #4


This letter is in reference to Jane Doe's home insurance policy #121212. Instead of the usual amount of $45 on my monthly statement, I was charged $375. I can only assume that you are mistakenly charging me for my auto insurance as well. Please note that I canceled my car insurance with your company in January. Please check your files and send me a revised premium notice.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Give your name, policy number, and claim number if appropriate.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • Name: John Doe
    Policy #123
    Claim #456

2 Point out the error.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • It appears that in compiling the list of damage done to my home by the May 31 storm, the adjuster missed several things.
  • I was dismayed to discover that after the fire you paid me the depreciated value of my household goods. For the past fifteen years, I have paid an extra $25 on each insurance premium in order to have my goods covered at replacement value.
  • I understand that you refused to pay for my son's eye test on the grounds that he did not have a referral from his primary care physician. I did not obtain a referral because the rules clearly state that a referral is not needed for a routine eye examination.
  • My recent premium notice did not include the discounts for safe driving and seat belt use. We still wear our seat belts and have not received any tickets in the past eight years.
  • I think there may have been an error in the amount you reimbursed me after my recent accident. The car was totaled, as the assessor agreed, and I expected to receive the book value less my $250 deductible. Instead, I received only $1,800--less than half the book value.
  • According to my last premium statement, my car is rated as being driven over 7,500 miles annually. Actually, I drive it less than 7,000 miles annually, as I indicated when I bought the policy. I only use it periodically to go to my part-time job a couple of miles away.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • a list of the damage done to
  • according to my last statement
  • according to my physician
  • after further review
  • always wear my seat belt
  • as I indicated when I bought the policy
  • asked to have my goods covered at replacement value
  • assessor agreed that the car was
  • dismayed by the unannounced rate increase
  • do not fit into this classification
  • expected to receive
  • filed a claim for
  • has come to my attention
  • have refused to pay for
  • have insurance rates doubled since the last
  • have enclosed a copy of
  • have included photographs of
  • have not included the discounts for
  • have been paying for the additional coverage
  • have discovered an error in
  • have not received any tickets
  • insurance premium bill states that
  • insurance should cover the costs of
  • less than half the book value of
  • mailed my premium payment on
  • need your help in correcting this
  • no referral is necessary for
  • noticed a discrepancy in
  • on the grounds that
  • paid the higher premium to ensure that
  • recent premium notice states that
  • rules clearly state that
  • the errors are as follows
  • think there may have been an error
  • understand that you refused to pay for
  • understood that I would receive
  • was not informed of this change
  • was dismayed to discover
  • was an error in
  • was paid only the depreciated value of
  • was not aware that we needed to
  • why was I not granted the discount for

3 Explain how the error occurred or may have occurred.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • We were all so busy worrying about broken windows and the ripped awning, that we didn't concern ourselves with the roof. A hasty inspection showed that it seemed to be intact. Now, during the first heavy rainfall since the storm, the roof is leaking in several places.
  • Perhaps this is an oversight on the part of your staff? The endorsement should certainly appear on my policy, as you have billed me regularly for the extra amount.
  • The ophthalmologist did find some pathology during the course of the exam, and recommended treatment for that, but it started off as a routine exam. The misunderstanding may have arisen because the diagnosis was included with the billing report.
  • Is this simply a clerical error?
  • I have gone through my policy carefully and do not understand your refusal to cover the charges.
  • Perhaps my agent confused this car with the other one that my husband drives.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • a transposition of the numbers
  • a hasty inspection showed
  • advised me earlier that
  • assessors were in a hurry
  • complications arose after the
  • could conduct only a preliminary assessment
  • did not concern ourselves so much with
  • did not show up in the photographs
  • difficult to obtain an accurate assessment with
  • do not understand how
  • during the first heavy rainfall
  • during the course of the examination
  • endorsement certainly should have appeared on
  • found some pathology
  • has been a mistake in the reimbursement amount
  • have read through my policy carefully
  • information has changed
  • it appeared from the initial examination that
  • many other homes to inspect
  • may have confused this case with
  • missing data from our file
  • probably just an oversight
  • roof is now leaking in several places
  • since the accident
  • since our last billing statement
  • situation changed suddenly after the preauthorization
  • so much damage that
  • that we did not examine the
  • the initial inspection showed
  • throughout the initial tumultuous situation
  • took no more than a cursory look at
  • understood that the policy covered
  • was reimbursed only

4 Request correction or action.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • I would appreciate your sending an assessor to examine the roof properly.
  • Kindly reassess my claim and send me the rest of the money that I am entitled to.
  • Please check the records as necessary and pay the claim.
  • Please send us an explanation or a revised premium notice.
  • Will you please reevaluate my claim? I hope you will find that you made a mistake, but would otherwise appreciate your explaining how you calculated my payment.
  • Please make the change and adjust my premium amount accordingly. I will be happy to provide you with odometer readings.
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • adjust my premium accordingly
  • adjust the settlement accordingly
  • am sure you understand
  • assess the damage more thoroughly
  • avoid problems in the future by
  • can send photographs of the
  • check your records
  • confirm that the bill has been paid
  • correct the errors in
  • for your assistance in this matter
  • in the light of this additional information
  • inform us about changes to
  • kindly reassess my claim
  • need an itemized list of
  • please take a moment to review
  • put yourself in my shoes
  • recheck your paperwork
  • reevaluate my claim
  • request a correction in
  • request a reassessment of
  • request immediate action
  • review this claim
  • revise your estimate
  • send an assessor to
  • send us an explanation of
  • send the balance that I am owed
  • send a revised premium notice
  • send a copy of
  • send me money that is due to me
  • thank you in advance for
  • trust that you will find the error
  • want this cleared up
  • would be happy to provide
  • would appreciate your explaining
  • would appreciate your prompt attention to
  • would have one less thing to worry about

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