Correct a Customer's Error or Assertion

Sample Letter #1


Thank you for your note about the cost of the paint you bought for your summer cabin. I have checked your original order against the catalog price list, and have discovered where the misunderstanding lies. You will recall that you changed your order from the generic brand to Doe paint which has a ten-year warranty. The price you referred to in your correspondence was for the generic brand.

I wish I could give you the Doe paint for the price of the other, but it was already discounted on our summer sale. I am sure you will be very pleased with the performance of this high quality paint. If we can help you in any other way, please do not hesitate to call or write.

Sample Letter #2


Thank you for your letter of January 20. You indicated that the lilac bush we shipped to you should have been a dwarf bush. I am enclosing a copy of your order and also a copy of pages 24 and 25 of our catalog. The lilac you ordered is #47 on page 24 and costs $5.00. The dwarf lilacs were described on page 25 and costs $12. Please call my toll-free number if you would still like us to ship the dwarf bush. We can still ship it within the next two weeks or, if you prefer, will send it in the spring, at the ideal time for planting.

Sample Letter #3


I am sorry that the Persian Rug we sent you is not the shape you wanted. I reviewed the order form (copy enclosed) and am afraid that what we sent does match the form. Making sure that you have the rug you want, however, is far more important than an accidental error on the form. We will be happy to exchange the rug, and only regret that we will have to ask you to cover the cost of returning the first rug to us. You may send it in the original container. Just place the enclosed label with your merchandise return authorization number (MRA123) in a conspicuous place.

Sample Letter #4


Thank you for contacting us regarding the surcharge that was included on your statement. In our mailings for the last three months, we have been informing our members of the new policy effective this month of charging a fee for any account that does not maintain a $100 minimum monthly balance. As we have noted in the last three mailings, this replaces our old policy of charging a service fee for any account not maintaining an average monthly balance of $300. While you did maintain an average monthly balance of $300, your balance on January 29 dropped to $89.17, below the new minimum monthly balance.

Because we have made every effort to inform our customers of the new policy, I am not authorized to reimburse you for the service charge; however, if you have further concerns, you are welcome to discuss them with our Adjustments Manager, John Doe, who will be happy to answer any questions you may still have.

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