Disagree With a Bill, Rent Payment, or Other Financial Issue • Letter Templates and Guide


1Identify the disagreement and give evidence for your argument.
2Clearly state the outcome you desire. If appropriate, state what action you are prepared to take to ensure a just outcome.
3End by expressing your confidence in reaching a mutually agreeable solution.


Clearly state the problem and explain what you want the reader to do about it. Avoid accusations and threats, particularly in a first letter. If the problem remains unresolved, you may wish to state clearly in a later letter what action you will take, but only if you are prepared to follow through.

Example Letter #1


On February 2, 2018, I received an invoice for $546.00 from Doe Corporation, dated January 30, 2018. Although I once had a loan from Doe, I paid the full balance on January 1, 2018. Please find enclosed a copy of my returned check endorsed by a Doe employee. According to the loan agreement, I was obligated to pay $250 per month until the loan was paid in full.

The agreement also clearly states that Doe will not charge me a penalty for prepayment of the loan. Yet the January 30 invoice indicates that the $546.00 that you are demanding is a penalty. Because of the terms of our agreement, I will not pay the amount you request. I have complied in full with our contract and I expect Doe to return my promissory note within two weeks of this letter. Thank you for your prompt attention to this oversight.

Example Letter #2


To my surprise I received an incorrect bill from you today. You must have forgotten that we agreed on $900 for the painting, not $1,100. I hope we can resolve this problem quickly. I would like to continue our good relationship and refer you to friends and family in need of your services. Please send me a corrected bill. Thank you.

Example Letter #3


I have just received the April statement for my Doe's charge account #12345-67890, and there appears to be a discrepancy between your records and my own. The statement shows two charges at Doe Floor Covering for the month of April, when in fact I only made one purchase there, for $250.00, on April 14. The second charge of $65.00 dated April 19 is clearly an error, as I never entered the store after the initial $250.00 transaction. Please review your records and send me a revised billing statement. If it appears to be a case of fraud, I am prepared to present records of my account activity with Doe's. I have always been pleased with my Doe's account and am confident you will give this matter prompt attention.

Example Letter #4


The bill you submitted to me for the dinner you catered last night is incorrect. The bill lists 50 dinners at $10.50 per person, but the total shown is $550, $25 more than the agreed-upon figure. Because I need an accurate bill for tax purposes, I will wait to send you a check until I receive a corrected bill. I look forward to receiving it.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Identify the disagreement and give evidence for your argument.

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