Disagree About Benefits (Social Security, Retirement, Insurance, Etc.) • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


Clearly describe the disagreement and explain what you want done to resolve it. Avoid accusations and threats, particularly in a first letter. If the problem remains unresolved, you may wish to state in a later letter what action you will take, but only if you are prepared to follow through.

How to write this disagreement letter:

  1. Identify the issue with which you disagree.
  2. State your disagreement. Give evidence or support for your view if appropriate.
  3. Clearly state the outcome you desire. If appropriate, state what action you are prepared to take to ensure this outcome is reached.
  4. End by expressing your confidence in reaching an agreeable solution and thank your reader if appropriate.

Example Letter #1


As benefits officer for Doe Associates, I received your summary detailing the health insurance benefits as well as the premiums for the insurance we agreed to buy during our January 31 telephone conversation. I have in my notes that the $750 monthly premium provided general dental, optical and medical coverage, as well as maternity coverage. Yet after reviewing your coverage summary, maternity coverage is absent from the list of expenses you insured.

Have we miscommunicated information about the premiums and types of coverage? After calling other competitors, $750 seemed reasonable for the coverage I described, but expensive by comparison if you do not include maternity coverage. If you do not include maternity coverage, this firm will withdraw its offer to buy your insurance. Please advise regarding the matter.

Example Letter #2


According to your 3 July correspondence, my medical insurance will not cover my shoulder surgery. My records indicate that Dr. Steven's nurse, Jane Doe, called your office and obtained approval for coverage for this operation (authorization number 123) prior to the surgery on August 15. I therefore request that you grant coverage at the 80% level that my policy allows.

I have spoken with the state insurance commissioner, and he confirms that the approval constitutes a guarantee of coverage. I have been satisfied with the quality of my medical coverage and hope to resolve this misunderstanding quickly.

Example Letter #3


In a letter dated July 6, you state that my windshield replacement is not covered by my policy because Walfield's Windshields is not an approved auto glass repair service. There is nothing in my policyholder's information packet that indicates that your auto glass coverage is conditional. Walfield's assured me that they frequently do repairs for Springfield Insurance customers. Please approve my claim and remit to Walfield's Windshields the repair balance of $234.56 ($284.56, less my $50.00 deductible), and send me a comprehensive list of "approved" auto repair shops. I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Example Letter #4


I received notification that my term life insurance policy with your company has been canceled. Although I am the holder of policy #55555-55 and my name is Jane Doe, I am not 75 years old as your notification states. I am 43 years old, as you will see on the attached copy of my birth certificate. Please reinstate my life insurance policy, effective immediately and without penalty. I expect to receive a notification of renewal within two weeks.

I believe the error was simply a typographical error caused by transposing my birth day and birth year. I am certain that the problem can be sorted out quite easily.

Example Letter #5


In January I revised my retirement withholdings, increasing them to 17% of my salary. This percentage has been withheld from my paycheck every month. Please see the attached copy of my withholding form. However, when I reviewed my withholdings with John Doe in the Benefits Office, I found you have no record of the change, nor are you crediting my retirement fund with the additional money.

Please correct your withholding records to include my increased withholdings from January 2018 and credit my account with the appropriate interest. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Identify the issue with which you disagree.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • I recently received a letter from your office informing me that my social security benefits have been terminated because my new salary exceeds the limit for eligibility.
  • On July 15, we received notice that our request for payment for our daughter's back surgery was not approved because it was considered elective surgery. Our policy number is A12345.
  • The members of the local electrical union have asked me to discuss with you the reductions in employee benefits effective the first of the year.
  • I recently received your explanation about how your office will calculate my monthly retirement check.
  • Could we meet tomorrow to discuss the proposed switch from my current company to Doe Fidelity? I have some questions about the earthquake coverage and deductibles.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • a notice that
  • according to my records
  • am not liable for
  • am entitled to
  • do not understand the
  • had understood that
  • have asked me to
  • have some questions about
  • have enclosed a copy of
  • have no recollection of
  • have paid the premiums
  • in accordance with
  • may recall that
  • on the basis of
  • on behalf of
  • please refer to
  • received notification that
  • recently received a
  • seems to be an error in
  • terms of our
  • was notified of
  • was charged for

2 State your disagreement. Give evidence or support for your view if appropriate.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Before I returned to work, your office assured me that my new wage would not exceed the limit. Enclosed is a copy of your letter explaining the limitations, as well as a copy of the check for my first month's wages. I am sure you will agree that my income is still below the allowed maximum amount.
  • It never occurred to any of us that such life-saving surgery could be considered "elective." If she had not received the surgery, she would have become paralyzed and may eventually have suffocated.
  • I can only say that we strongly urge you to reconsider this course of action for several reasons. First of all, the company's financial report indicates we have maintained a profit margin of over 15% for two years. Also, workers still resent the "management only" pay raises in February last year. In an era of solid financial performance and growing salaries for management, the workers of this plant fail to see why their benefits should be cut.
  • According to your calculations, my monthly check should be $456.78. After reviewing the material you sent me, I came up with the figure $521.99 per month. Please see the enclosed worksheet that shows how I came up with this number.
  • It seems reasonable to me that the same liability coverage that I had under the old policy should be in the new policy. I also feel that for the higher premium cost, there should be a lower deductible.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • after studying your
  • am enclosing copies of
  • am sure you will agree that
  • an untenable situation
  • are certain that
  • assured me that
  • at a time when
  • before taking any action
  • consider the ramifications of
  • contravenes the terms of
  • does not seem fair
  • enclosed is a copy of
  • had previously been assured that
  • have come to the conclusion that
  • have you considered
  • in the long run
  • may even lead to
  • must protest this
  • must disagree with
  • never occurred to me that
  • not unreasonable to assume
  • recent reports show
  • seems only reasonable that
  • situation certainly merits
  • will be resented

3 Clearly state the outcome you desire. If appropriate, state what action you are prepared to take to ensure this outcome is reached.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • Please reinstate my benefits as soon as possible or explain why I am no longer eligible.
  • Please review her case because by any reasonable definition, this was not elective surgery.
  • On behalf of the workers at this plant, I strongly urge you to announce a decision to continue the current benefits. By doing so you will build employee morale and loyalty, and avoid a possible strike.
  • Please clarify this matter for me as soon as possible. If your calculations are indeed correct, please let me know my error.
  • Unless we resolve these concerns, I will not purchase this policy.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • as soon as possible
  • carefully review the
  • clarify this matter
  • if necessary, call me at
  • in the light of
  • inform me of
  • kindly check your records
  • let me know
  • must request that you
  • on behalf of
  • please reinstate my
  • resolving this matter
  • send me an explanation
  • send written acknowledgment of
  • study the enclosed
  • taking into consideration
  • the additional information
  • urge you to reconsider
  • would appreciate your
  • your immediate attention

4 End by expressing your confidence in reaching an agreeable solution and thank your reader if appropriate.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • Thanks for your help.
  • I know you have a reputation for fairness and integrity. I look forward to your response.
  • Surely the reviewers will agree. I would be happy to talk to you personally about this matter.
  • I trust you will want to work this matter out. Thank you for your prompt attention.
  • I hope we can work out a policy that will meet our needs better than our present one does. Thank you for your interest.
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • am confident that
  • am sure that this
  • appears to be a misunderstanding
  • can work this out
  • can be sorted out quite easily
  • can reach me at
  • if you need any more information
  • if you have any questions
  • look forward to
  • please feel free to
  • take immediate action
  • talk to you personally
  • thank you for
  • to our mutual satisfaction
  • trust that this will
  • trust that you will honor
  • will abide by your
  • would be happy to
  • would appreciate your
  • your attention to this matter
  • your immediate attention to

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