Request Correction of a Billing Error • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Point out the billing error. Ask for correction or further information either in this opening statement or in the last paragraph.
2Give any information that will assist the reader in investigating the error. Give precise dollar amounts, check numbers, etc. Refer to any enclosed photocopies.
3Request cooperation in resolving the error.


Write this letter as soon as you detect an error. Using a courteous tone, give as much detail as possible, including dates and amounts of transactions. To avoid delays include photocopies (do not send originals) of all relevant receipts, invoices, and canceled checks.

Example Letter #1


I have just received a bill for the cost of your self-improvement seminar that began on September 12. I signed up for the seminar and paid the initial fee of $25.00 on that date, but I withdrew for health reasons three days later on September 15. Your office agreed that I should receive a full refund of my initial payment, for which I was grateful. I am sure you will find a record of that check being sent to me.

I trust you will correct your records so that neither of us will be troubled by this again. I do hope to attend the seminar if it is held again in Springfield. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Example Letter #2


My monthly cable bill just arrived in the amount of $28.60, $6.00 more than the usual charge of $22.60. I have not requested additional services and do not find any explanation for this additional charge. I have enclosed my check #902 for $28.60, but believe the added charge is an error. If it is, simply credit my account with the difference. Please let me know where the error lies. My telephone number is 555-5555.

Example Letter #3


I received the bill for the repair your service representative made on my Doe clothes dryer. He told me the total cost would be $67.00, yet the bill is for $167.00. The repairman was at my home for only forty-five minutes. Hence, the bill seems excessive as well as incongruous with the quote he gave me. Please correct the error.

Example Letter #4


I wish to register a complaint regarding the $5.00 charge on my phone bill from Doe Long Distance Companies. Since Doe is not my long distance carrier and to my knowledge has never provided me with any services whatsoever, I have requested that my bank stop the automatic payment on my phone bill. I am enclosing a check for the remaining $57.49 that I owe, and I request that you remove the Doe charge from my account.

Since this is not the first time I have received a charge from Doe, please investigate this error and inform me of the steps you are taking to avoid this problem in the future.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Point out the billing error. Ask for correction or further information either in this opening statement or in the last paragraph.

Example Sentences for Step 1

We have received our loan statement, and do not think the late charges are warranted. Please correct the statement and send us a corrected copy. I called you this morning about the "past due" bill I received for an amount I had already paid. This quarter's savings account statement does not reflect a $742 deposit I made on May 30. I received the enclosed statement from your office. It indicates that I am liable for the $90 payment, as well as my co-payment. I recently received an order of bead necklaces and earrings for my accessories store. Your invoice #7654 indicates that I owe $498, but the catalog price for my order was $370. My invoice this month was 20% higher than usual, with no explanation for the increase. There appears to be a discrepancy between one of the charges on my latest credit card statement, and the transaction receipt I received from the store. After two letters and several telephone calls over the past two months, in an attempt to get my daughter's (Jane Doe's) money refunded or credited, I appreciate your assurance that you will now credit the money to her Doe account. My last two statements reflect a charge for a watch that I returned less than a week after its purchase. There is an error on my monthly statement, and I would appreciate your correcting it. I have just received your letter concerning a missing mortgage payment, but according to my records, I have not missed a payment. I am enclosing a copy of this month's billing, which does not reflect last month's payment.

Example Phrases for Step 1


Give any information that will assist the reader in investigating the error. Give precise dollar amounts, check numbers, etc. Refer to any enclosed photocopies.

Example Sentences for Step 2

We mailed our April payment, check number 456 for $350, on March 31. It was returned to us with a note stating that we had made the payment twice. Enclosed please find a copy of the note that we received on April 7. We immediately called Mrs. Doe. She indicated that an error had been made, and we mailed the check again on April 8, after the late charge date. This was just an unfortunate mix-up, but it seems unfair to make us pay for it. As we discussed, here are the copies of the original and the "past due" bills, and both sides of my canceled check #456 dated August 3 of this year. I have enclosed a copy of my deposit receipt. My account number, 54321, is correct on the receipt. I understood from our discussion that you would accept the payment from my insurance company as payment in full. I have now received this additional bill. I am enclosing a copy of my order form. Please note that I placed my order on May 24, a full three weeks before the catalog prices expired. We were not informed of a rate increase. As you will see from the enclosed copy, my store receipt shows a charge of $45.67. The statement shows a charge of $450.67 for that transaction. As we agreed on the telephone, I have also marked the amount of interest she has been charged over this time, so that it can be included in the credit. I am enclosing copies of my original receipt dated February 10, and the credit slip dated February 15. Enclosed are copies of all my canceled checks since the previous statement. As you can see, the number of payments and the total amount paid are both as they should be. I received my canceled check (copy enclosed) for $97.55 before the new billing date, so it seems unlikely that you received it late.

Example Phrases for Step 2


Request cooperation in resolving the error.

Example Sentences for Step 3

Example Phrases for Step 3

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