Request Correction of an Error In a Credit Report • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


A good credit rating is enormously important in today's world, and an error in a credit report needs to be addressed as early as possible. See that the credit bureau corrects the error promptly and sends corrected statements to everyone it has misinformed.

How to write this error letter:

  1. Point out the error, presenting evidence that it is an error.
  2. Explain how you wish the bureau to correct the record.

Example Letter #1


In the process of applying for a home equity loan, I learned that my credit record shows that I have missed four successive payments on a new car. I have no idea how this error has been incorporated into my credit history, since my only car is ten years old and I paid cash for it. To find such a claim associated with my name is disconcerting, to say the least.

Would you please review my records and delete this error before it damages my credit rating? Please inform me when the correction has been made.

Example Letter #2


I am enclosing a copy of the credit report you sent me. I am distressed that the report claims that I failed to make payments on a stereo set and that it was repossessed. I have never purchased a stereo set on credit, and have never had a credit problem of any kind. There is another John Doe whose records often get confused with mine. His middle initial is M. I am John J. Doe. Please make the correction and send a corrected copy of the report to me and all other entities who received the inaccurate one.

Example Letter #3


My credit report indicates that I charged $856.00 at Doe's Floral in Springfield, KS, on 5/16/2018. I did not. I was in Tuscany, Italy, for the entire month of May. I have enclosed a copy of my round-trip ticket, a copy of a rental agreement, and a dated photo of myself in front of the villa I rented. My credit card was stolen in April, 2018, and although I reported the loss, someone obviously used the card. Please remove this charge from my record. My attorney has called the credit card company and will shortly contact you to clear up this misunderstanding.

Example Letter #4


My credit report indicates that I filed for bankruptcy in May of 2018. The actual date I filed for bankruptcy was April 2018. I am enclosing copies of all the relevant court documents with the relevant dates highlighted.

Since seven years have passed since I filed for bankruptcy, your records should now indicate that my credit is clear. Please send a corrected copy of your report to the Doe Lending Company.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Point out the error, presenting evidence that it is an error.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • The information in your files on our car payment history is incorrect. I am enclosing copies of all our statements from the financing company, and as you will see, all the payments were made on time. We paid off the debt two months early, in June 2018.
    We were certainly never notified of repossession proceedings, as your report indicates.
  • Please add this letter to our company's file. Our company, "Doe International," changed its name from "Doe Corporation" in January 2018, the date you have given for the company's inception. Doe Corporation has been in business since April 1992, and is thus not a new company at all.
  • There is an inaccurate entry on my credit report, and I must request that you remove it. The report shows a tax lien against my property at 648 Maple Lane, Centerville, Kansas, for the year 2018. I have spoken with the county recorder, who agreed that this was an error. You can expect a letter from her soon.
  • I would appreciate your assistance in correcting an error on my credit report, which shows an outstanding balance of $987.65 owed to Doe Corporation. I am enclosing copies of my cancelled check and their final two statements, the second one showing the amount as "paid in full.."
  • There is a great deal of erroneous information on my credit report, which shows accounts I have not opened and debts I have not incurred. Are you perhaps confusing two different people? I am enclosing a copy of the report you sent me with the incorrect items marked, and the following information, which may be of assistance:
    My full name is John Eric Doe.
    My Social Security Number is 555-55-5555.
    I have lived at the above address for the past 30 years.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • a serious error in my credit report
  • am sure you appreciate the seriousness of
  • appear to have been mishandled
  • as you can see
  • as reflected by the county records
  • attached statements from the bank
  • attached is a copy of canceled check #222
  • balance was paid in full on
  • can expect a letter from
  • changed the company name
  • could be detrimental to
  • could jeopardize my financial future
  • credit report does not accurately reflect
  • discovered an inaccurate entry in
  • disturbed by the inaccuracies in our credit report
  • enclosed are copies of
  • enclosed statements of payments received
  • have been erroneously penalized for
  • have spoken with the
  • have an impeccable credit record
  • have made an error in
  • included all statements from the financing company
  • including copies of all statements
  • incurred no debt during this time
  • kindly add this letter to our file
  • made all payments on time
  • must realize the importance of an accurate credit history
  • my former name was
  • our records show that
  • payment record is exemplary
  • payment history is incorrect
  • shows an outstanding balance of
  • the following information may be of assistance
  • was shocked to receive
  • would appreciate your assistance in

2 Explain how you wish the bureau to correct the record.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Kindly correct your records, send us a corrected report, and notify all those to whom erroneous reports have been distributed.
  • Please send us a revised summary, including the above information.
  • Please take any necessary steps to correct my credit report, and send me an amended copy.
  • Please delete the erroneous information and send me a copy of the corrected report.
  • Please examine your records and send me a copy of the corrected report.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • contact the county records office
  • correct my credit report
  • delete the erroneous information
  • detail the correct credit information
  • do not hesitate to contact me
  • examine your records
  • help us get to the bottom of
  • hope this will not have a negative effect on our
  • kindly correct your records
  • let me know when this has been corrected
  • look forward to receiving a revised report
  • nip this problem in the bud
  • notify all those who have received this erroneous information
  • please update your credit records
  • refer this problem to
  • refer to the enclosed copies of
  • remove the outstanding balance
  • request your assistance in
  • request a complete investigation into
  • send me a copy of the corrected report
  • send me a corrected copy of
  • send us a revised report
  • take the necessary steps to
  • take measures to avoid future inaccuracies
  • to anyone you have misinformed
  • would appreciate your
  • your prompt attention to

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