Write a Business Apology

Example Letter #1


I am sorry that we no longer carry replacement sections for canvas tents. I understand your frustration, because I, too, have a similar tent that I want to repair. But, with the recent developments in lightweight fire resistant fabrics, most camping enthusiasts are turning to the new Doe line of camping equipment.

In case you might consider replacing your current tent with a new lightweight one, I am sending you the Doe spring catalog. You will notice we are offering special savings on orders submitted before June 1. Best wishes for an enjoyable camping season.

Example Letter #2


We regret the repair work on your clothes dryer did not meet your expectations.

Your time is important and we realize you expected our technician to fix the problem without delay. We have contacted the technician and learned that incident was unique and the standard repair procedure was inadequate.

He has ordered a new drive assembly from the factory and believes it will solve the problem. We are sorry that this rare defect appeared in your dryer. We thank you for your patience and are confident that the problem will soon be remedied.

Your warranty will cover the cost of the new parts. We will call to schedule an appointment as soon as they arrive.

Example Letter #3


I am sorry I was unable to warn you in time that yesterday's meeting had been canceled.

I know it is frustrating to make the drive across town to the main office only to find that your time has been wasted. Because the announcement was made when I was away, I was unable to notify you of the change.

To prevent this situation from occurring again, I have designated Jane as my backup and made her privy to all information sent to me when I am out of the office.

I don't anticipate this happening again and I apologize for the inconvenience. I will also see to it that you are reimbursed for your mileage.

Example Letter #4


Please accept my apology for the series of misunderstandings that led to the termination of your account with Doe. I certainly understand how our failure to respond to your request three weeks in a row was frustrating. The miscommunication resulted from a poorly designed chain of command, which I have revised. No longer will customer requests be third-hand by the time they reach the service representative.

Doe makes a good product, and I want to stand by our valued customers. I hope you will give us another chance to provide your paper goods. I am sending you a complementary case of our premium plates in your pattern with my apologies.

Example Letter #5


We apologize for the mistake we made with your account last week and we certainly understand your frustration.

On April 22 we issued a check from your account pursuant to your instructions. The amount of the check was correct and it was forwarded to you. However, the amount of the check posted to your account was incorrect. We canceled this erroneous entry and posted a correction on April 23, reflecting the correct check amount.

These entries will appear on your April monthly statement. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please contact our Customer Service Department at 555-5555.

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