Request Correction of an Error In a Check • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


This type of letter is brief but courteous. Simply point out the error and request that it be corrected.

How to write this error letter:

  1. Point out the error.
  2. Explain what needs to be done to correct the matter.

Example Letter #1


We have received your check for $230.00 to cover the balance of your account, but we cannot cash it because you have written in last year's date. We are returning the check, and ask that you either write another one, or change the date and add your endorsing initials. Please send your remittance before June 30, to avoid further finance charges.

Example Letter #2


I am returning your check in the sum of $554 made payable to Doe International instead of Doe Jewelry. Please reissue the check payable to Doe Jewelry. A self-addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

Example Letter #3


I received my rebate for the Doe diapers I purchased. I understood Doe would rebate $3.00 to me for purchasing a package of 96 diapers. As you can see from the enclosed check, you sent me $30.00. Don't misunderstand me; I am grateful for the rebate and would love to cash the check, but I think it is an error. Please send me another check for the correct amount.

Example Letter #4


Your check for my weekly columns for the month of November is incorrect. Although I usually receive $80 per month, there were five Saturdays in November, and my check should, therefore, be $100. Please increase my December check to $100 to correct this error.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Point out the error.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • Thank you for your recent order and the check for $100 which accompanied it. Unfortunately, the check was not signed.
  • The bank returned your check #234 for $100, made out to Dr. Doe, due to "insufficient funds."
  • I was distressed to learn that the check (#123 for $100) that we sent you earlier this month was returned by the bank for "insufficient funds." I have spoken to the bank manager, who admitted that the bank made an error. He will write to you to confirm their mistake.
  • The enclosed check, #123 was mistakenly included on our November 21 statement for account #456. It should have been drawn on our Springfield, Kansas division.
  • There is an error on my June 21 statement. Check #123 for $104 has been drawn as $140.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • according to the bank
  • according to our records
  • account is overdrawn
  • account number was incorrect
  • bank returned the check
  • banking error will be investigated
  • check was deposited into the wrong account
  • check was left unsigned
  • check was short by
  • check does not belong to our
  • check did not clear
  • check was not signed
  • check which accompanied it
  • credit my account with
  • due to a banking error
  • due to insufficient funds
  • enclosed is the check that you
  • failed to write the account number on
  • mailed to us in error
  • mistakenly included the enclosed check
  • necessary steps will include
  • no money in account number
  • no overdraft protection
  • notified a collection agency
  • our statements indicate
  • please redeposit the check
  • put a freeze on the Doe account
  • received an "insufficient funds" notice
  • returned the check
  • so that we can credit your account
  • thank you for your recent order
  • thank you for the check
  • there are now sufficient funds
  • there seems to have been a mistake
  • transaction was not completed
  • transaction could not be completed
  • was an error in the statement
  • will assess a late charge
  • will review the
  • wrong amount was entered
  • wrong account number

2 Explain what needs to be done to correct the matter.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • I am returning the check for your signature.
  • We are afraid we must hold you liable for the $17 returned check fee. We will present the check for payment again in one week on June 24. If it is returned again, we will have no choice but to turn the matter over to a collection agency.
  • Our finances are in excellent condition and there should be no further problem if you will kindly redeposit the check.
  • I can understand the error, as both the names and the account numbers are similar, but I would appreciate your making the necessary corrections as soon as possible.
  • I am enclosing copies of the check and statement. Please correct your records and adjust my account balance accordingly.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • are responsible for the late fee
  • bank has requested that
  • bank shows that you still owe
  • can be resolved without further
  • check will clear without further problems
  • correct this error promptly
  • credit Doe account with
  • deliver a new check or money order
  • deposit sufficient money to cover
  • for future reference
  • if the check is returned again
  • make the necessary corrections
  • money order made out to
  • must hold you responsible for
  • must request a cashier's check
  • need to avoid such occurrences
  • present the check for payment
  • records show that
  • redeposit the check
  • refer this to a collection agency
  • returning the check for your signature
  • send a copy of your canceled check
  • send a money order for
  • sign the check and return it
  • this problem can be avoided if you
  • to avoid future misunderstandings
  • to avoid a recurrence
  • understand what needs to be done
  • we have no choice but to
  • will credit your account with
  • will adjust your account balance
  • would appreciate receiving a copy of

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