How to Write a Get-Well Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
  1. Express your regret that the person is ill or injured.
  2. Communicate your sincere concern and reassure the reader of your support.
  3. Indicate your hope and assurance that the person will get well soon.
  4. If desired, you could express your sincere appreciation to the person for being a good friend, trusted colleague, kind neighbor, positive role model, or the like.
  5. If appropriate, mention that the person is missed. You might also mention specific things you miss about the person, such as his/her warm sense of humor or his/her habit of bringing office treats to weekly meetings.
  6. Close your letter by reiterating your hope that the reader will have a speedy recovery.

Get-Well Letter Tips:

  • Overall your letters should express genuine feelings of care and concern.
  • Be positive when writing this letter.
  • You might want to include humorous anecdotes or good news that will cheer the reader.
  • When writing to a child, be particularly upbeat and positive. Don’t include anything in your letter that might cause the child undue concern, and don’t dwell on the illness or disease.
  • If you have included a gift with your letter, briefly mention it.
  • If desired, you could mention that the person is in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Be sure to write this letter in a timely manner. Don't procrastinate!