How to Write a Gift Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
  1. Don't procrastinate sending this letter! It will be much more meaningful if sent before or soon after the event that prompted the gift.
  2. Letters to accompany gifts can usually be short. However, if you are sending a gift to cheer someone up during an illness or after someone’s passing, etc., you may wish to write a longer, more substantive letter.
  3. Indicate why you are sending the gift (e.g., “I was so proud to hear that you had made assistant director, and I hope that you will appreciate this token of my esteem”).
  4. If you would like the reader to acknowledge the gift, indicate this in your letter (for example, “Please let us know that this package arrived safely” or “Please let us know that you received this letter and the check accompanying it”).
  5. Close your letter by expressing warm regard for the person, expressing again your condolences for his/her loss, or by reiterating your pride in his/her accomplishments, etc.

Include one or more of these in your gift letter:

  • News about current events in your life.
  • Inquiries about the person, such as what they have been up to since ____ or how a current project or undertaking is going.
  • Humorous anecdotes or information of interest (about friends, family, the community where you are from, etc.).
  • Recollections of good times or reminiscences of days past.
  • Reminders about or expressed anticipation for important upcoming events, such as holiday or birthday parties, family or class reunions, weddings or anniversaries, etc.

When thanking someone for a gift, be sure to:

  • Send your thank-you letter or note within a week or so of receiving the gift.
  • Specifically mention the gift you received.
  • Express appreciation for the gift.
  • Mention something you appreciate about the gift, such as how useful/beautiful/elegant/appropriate it is. If you have been wanting this particular item for some time, mention that fact, and express how much you truly do appreciate the person’s thoughtfulness.
  • Close by reiterating your appreciation for the gift.