How to Write a Resignation Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
  1. Your resignation letter may be read by future employers. Since it will be the final document in your personnel file, it will be the first document seen when a future employer calls for a reference or if you reapply at your company.
  2. Highlight your accomplishments. Colleagues may read your resignation letter. Your chances of networking with them will improve if they remember a kind letter of resignation that reminds them of your outstanding accomplishments.
  3. Maintain your dignity. Memories are stronger when attached to emotions, and watching co-workers resign is highly emotional. Choose words that demonstrate your qualities of worthiness and honor.
  4. Highlight your skills. Just like writing cover letters, use plenty of action verbs.
  5. Emphasize what you have contributed. Keep a positive tone as you list both personal and team contributions.
  6. Keep doors open and do not burn bridges. Most people reapply at their company, network with former co-workers, or request recommendation letters from former bosses.
  7. Show enthusiasm and appreciation for the work you have done. Managers and co-workers respond warmly to words of appreciation.
  8. Maintain a good relationship with your employer and associates: For the time you spent together, some were just like family.
  9. Before starting, read a variety of sample resignation letters before writing your own.

Resignation Letter Tips

More Resignation Letter Tips

If your resignation letter is used to assign blame or vent your frustrations, it may hurt your future prospects. Write your letter and set it aside for a day or so. Once you are calm, rewrite it in a way that will help you get future jobs because:

Resignation Letter Articles

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