How to Write a Suggestion Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
  1. Express your genuine appreciation for the opportunities you now enjoy.
  2. Refer to past suggestions the reader has accepted and put into practice.
  3. Thank the reader for his/her willingness to read and consider your ideas.
  4. Offer your suggestion courteously, without openly criticizing the status quo.
  5. Stick to the point and just explain the potential benefits of your suggestion.
  6. Suggest a meeting with the reader to explain your ideas in greater detail.

How to respond to a suggestion letter:

  1. Express appreciation for the suggestion letter, whether you accept it or not.
  2. If the writer is a current employee, express appreciation for his or her past efforts.
  3. Assure the writer you are responsive to the concerns of everyone involved.
  4. Encourage the writer to submit another suggestion letter in the future.
  5. Promise to share the idea with your associates and give it full consideration.
  6. You may express your regret and say that you are unable to make changes now.