How to Write the Perfect Sympathy Letter

Larry Barkdull
Award-Winning, Nationally Recognized Writer

Do you know a friend or relative who has experienced a death, personal loss, or other misfortune? Perhaps this person was recently divorced or has been injured in an accident. Maybe you know an expectant mother who has recently suffered a miscarriage. These are times when you need just the right words to say just the right thing. A store-bought sympathy card is not as personal as a hand-written letter, but you may buy a card and put your letter inside it. Here are some tips to help you write a tactful Sympathy Letter that will be much appreciated:

Final Note: Use descriptive words when you compose your Sympathy Letter.


  • burden, caring, comfort, comforting, compassion, concerned, consolation, difficult, endure, endurance, grief, grieve, heal, healing, heartbreaking, heartfelt, help, hope, hurt, hurtful, loss, love, misfortune, mourn, mourning, overcome, pain, painful, regret, regrettable, sad, shocking, sorrow, sorry, struggle, struggling.

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