Business writing is very different from speaking!

Melvin Luthy
Chief Editor

In fact, it is so different that most college graduates cannot do it without a great deal of difficulty. Business writing is more formal, precise, and it avoids the use of clichés or slang. A one-page letter can take hours of rewriting.

How do words affect business writing?

Choose the wrong words and make a poor impression, kill business and lose customers. Choose the right words, tone, and approach and you may win customers and skyrocket sales.

Business Writing Tips

  • People seldom read—they scan! If intrigued they may read more.
  • Create business letters that are short, cordial, and to the point.
  • Before starting to write, read several examples and choose appropriate text.
  • Carefully word the first and last sentences. They are VERY important!
  • Collect model letters. Reuse them whenever possible.

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