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Redownloading and Making Backups

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Downloading and Installation Questions

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How downloading works at our secure Yahoo! Store

  • Download software titles at incredible prices
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  Click the "Download Now" button on the product's page.


  Click the "ADD TO CART" button. Save $ on additional products. On the bottom of the new page, WriteExpress may offer savings on related products. Click the "order" link to the right of any product you wish to add to your cart.


  Click the "Check Out" button.


  To verify that your order is secure, notice that the page address now starts with "". The "https" indicates you are now on a secure page. Notice also that the lock on the bottom right of your browser's status bar is now locked. This indicates that the ordering page is secure, and that any information sent will be encrypted. More about secure ordering.


  Fill out the form, and then click the "Continue" button


  After purchasing the software you'll be presented with an invoice. Click the red "Download Now" to download your software directly to your computer.


  Click "Save" and select a folder to download your software. Wait for the download to complete. Click the "Open" button to start the installation.


  Yahoo! Shopping will send you a confirmation email that includes a link back to your invoice page. Should you ever need to redownload, you can do so free of charge.  
    WriteExpress software is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Our Guarantee

Downloading and Installation Questions:

Q:  I've completed the purchase and I am ready to start the download. How do I begin?
A: Yahoo! Shopping will send you a confirmation e-mail. The download link is in that e-mail. Yahoo will ask for your credit card number to verify you are the purchaser. You will not be charged again. Once at the page, click the red "Download Now" button.
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Q: Is downloading the same as installing?
A: No. A download is a simple file transfer. Installation is the unpacking and transfer of the software to your computer. The installation software is very easy to use.
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Q: How do I start the download?
A: Once your purchase is made you will be presented with your invoice page. On the top right is a button which says "Begin Download." Click that button and save the file to your computer. When the file is downloaded, click the "Open" button to start the installation.
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Q: Where should the download go?
A: Anywhere you can find the file later. A good place to download files is the desktop or the main screen for your computer. Once the transfer is complete you can find the file easily by closing all your windows.
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Q: I have finished downloading; where do I find it?
A: The best way to know where your downloads are going is to pay close attention to the "Save As" window at the beginning of the download process. Once you have clicked the download button and selected the option to save the file, you will be given the "Save As" window which shows you exactly where your download is being saved to on your computer. If you know the filename, you could also do a search on your computer for it. The Download puts an installation program on your computer.
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Q: If my download cuts out in the middle, can I start from where I left off?
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A: Yes, if you click the Begin Download button. This button starts the Download Wizard, which saves the file as it downloads. If you can't complete the download, click the Begin Download button again and you will pickup where the download left off.
Q: May I install the software on both my home and work computers?
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A: Yes. Most software companies require one license per computer that the software is installed on. You can install WriteExpress software both at home and work, as long as you are the primary user of both your computers.
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Q: Why doesn't my program appear on Word's Tools menu?
A: Easy Letters, 3,001 Business & Sales Letters, and Rhymer for Windows should all work inside Microsoft Word. Click Word's Tools menu to see if your program is listed.
You can still use the "non-integrated" or "stand-alone" version of the program (meaning the program runs by itself). To do this, click the Windows Start button, "All Programs" or "Program Files", WriteExpress, and then click the menu for the program.
Try these things so your program appears on Word's Tools menu:
  1. Run the setup program to install Easy Letters, 3,001 Business & Sales Letters, or Rhymer.
  2. Run Microsoft Word, and then click the Tools menu. Do you see a menu item for the appropriate WriteExpress program? If not, read on.
  3. Shut down Word, reboot your computer and click Word's Tools menu. If you still don't see the WriteExpress menu item, read on.
  4. Click Word's Tools menu, Macro, and then the Security Level tab. Click Medium. Next, click the Trusted Sources tab. Check "Trust all installed add-ins and templates". Click OK. Now repeat step #2.
  5. Click Word's Tools menu, Macro, and then Security. If "Trust all installed add-ins and templates" is not checked, check it and repeat step #2.
  6. Discovering where Word is installed has been a challenge. Our setup program makes several attempts to find Word's startup folder. If it finds it, it copies the file writex32.wll into that folder. Search your computer for the file writex32.wll. If it isn't installed under the STARTUP folder directly under the location of WinWord.exe, copy writex32.wll to that folder and repeat step #2.
  7. Click Word's Tools menu and then click "Templates and Add-ins." Under the list box entitled "Check items are currently loaded" do you see a file named writex32.wll? If so, Easy Letters or 3,001 Business & Sales Letters has been installed. If the file "Rhymer.wll" is listed then Rhymer has been installed. When Word loads it looks in its STARTUP folder for add-ins. If an add-in is not well behaved, it can somehow block other add-ins from working. Some users experience problems when a program named PDF Maker is installed. If that program or any other program appears in the list, uncheck them, click OK, shut down Word and repeat step #2.
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Redownloading and Making Backups:

Q:  How can I redownload my software from your Yahoo! store?
A: Click the "Download Now" button on your Order Confirmation Page. When you purchased software through our Yahoo! Store, you were sent an email. Find that email and click on the URL contained in the message to return to the Order Confirmation Page. You may also click the Order Status Link at the top of Yahoo! Shopping. When you redownload your software you will be prompted to enter the credit card number used in the order for identification.

Yahoo Shopping will request your credit card number and tells you on the form "Your card will not be charged for downloading goods you have already purchased." They do this to identify you. You benefit as a customer because you can redownload whenever you wish for free. The vendors (such as WriteExpress) benefit because we don't want our software pirated—you wouldn't send around your credit card number.
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Q: For how long may I redownload the software?
A: Our Yahoo! Store lets you redownload as often as you wish.
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Q: May I backup the download to a floppy disk or a CD?
A: Our software is too large to fit on one floppy disk. Download your file to your hard disk, and then backup the file to a CD.
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Q: How do I make a backup?
A: Our downloadable software is delivered as a single file. Burn it onto a CD. Or save it to a ZIP or Jazz Drive.
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Q: May I install the software on both my home and work computers?
A: Yes. Most software companies require one license per computer that the software is installed on. You may install WriteExpress software both at home and work, as long as you are the primary user of both your computers.
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Q: I forgot my customer number, order number or password to redownload.
A: If you ordered from Digital River,  e-mail Digital River or call their customer support at 800-656-5426. If you need further assistance, visit our Support page.
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The Ordering Process:

Q:  Should I download or buy a CD?
A: Downloading is safe, fast and easy. You'll get the software in minutes. Plus, you'll save money. You can make your own backup or redownload later if needed.
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Q: Can I pay online using currencies other than US dollars?
A: Our Digital River Store lets you order online using various currencies.
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Q: What billing address should I enter in the form?
A: For credit card verification, you must enter the address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
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Q: Can I order without a credit card?
A: You may send a check or money order. Please use our Fax or Postal Mail Order Form.
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Q: Should I put spaces or dashes in the credit card number?
A: No. Your card number should be entered in as a continuous string of numbers.
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Q: My credit card was not accepted.
A: The reasons for a failed credit card transaction are many. Your card may have expired or reached its limit.
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Q: If I download and purchase Easy Letters or 3,001 Business & Sales Letters, can I upgrade to a CD later?
A: If you have your order and/or customer number, you may upgrade to a CD for $10. Add $6 for orders outside the USA. See our order form for postal and fax options. Write down and save your order and customer number. Remember which online store you purchased it from. Send or give us that information when you place your order.
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Q: How do I cancel an order that I just made?
A: Once the submit button has been clicked and the order is complete it can not be cancelled. Please contact WriteExpress Support.
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Q: What is your satisfaction guarantee and return policy?
A: We back all of our software products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this product for any reason, we will gladly refund your purchase price (excluding shipping, handling and gift-wrapping charges) within 30 days of purchase.
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Q: How may I both download the software and purchase a CD online?
A: Go the page for the product you wish to purchase. Click the "Download Now" button. That will take you to our Yahoo! Store. Next, click the "ADD TO CART" button. Scroll down and click the "Order" link under the "Related Items" section.
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Other Common Questions:

Q:  I ordered a CD. When will I receive my package?
A: We usually ship the CD within 1 business day and normally ship via the US Post Office.
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Q: How much do you charge for shipping?
A: Standard shipping is FREE for US and Canada orders. Add $6 for orders outside the USA. Express shipping costs $14 extra.
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Q: Which products work on the Macintosh?
A: 3,001 Business & Sales Letters, Easy Letters, Rhymer, and all PDF samples run on Macintosh. There is a software program called "VMWare Fusion" that allows your Mac run Microsoft® Windows programs.
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Q: How do I uninstall your evaluation version?
A: Click the Start button on you Windows task bar. Click Settings. Click Control Panel. Double Click Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down until you see the WriteExpress product listed you want to uninstall, and then click on it. Click the Add/Remove button.
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Q: Will I find the right letter to increase my sales with 3,001 Business & Sales Letters?
A: 3,001 Business & Sales Letters contains all the letters of Easy Letters. It also contains an additional 901 letters focused on selling products or services. Although we organized letters into topics, the topics can easily be changed. For example, a letter to sell clothing might easily be changed to sell bearings. Find a good outline for your specific need. Or find sentences and paragraphs that you think would be appropriate to construct your own letter. Reading dozens of letters takes time, but increasing sales is everything. We've covered hundreds of clever approaches to writing sales copy.
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Q: How long are your typical letters?
A: We did a lot of research in this area. Almost all letters are better if they are concise and to the point. Therefore, we tried to include the essential statements to get the point across as efficiently as possible. Most letters are only a paragraph or two. Any letter can easily be expanded by using our sentences and/or phrases. It is all up to you!
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