How to Write an Appreciation Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers

People respond positively when treated kindly. Employees work harder when they feel appreciated. Focus on words of admiration, gratitude or recognition that create happy feelings.

  1. Write your letter quickly
    Write your appreciation letter within a few days of whatever happened to inspire your gratitude.
  2. Use stationery
    Write your personal appreciation letter on a sheet of stationery.
  3. Use customized letterhead
    for business correspondence.
  4. Address your appreciation letter to a specific person
    If possible, not just to the company or to the organization in general.
  5. Specifically state what you appreciate
  6. Be sincere
    Most people can sense when you are not being honest.
  7. Write clearly and concisely
    This is no time to be longwinded or flowery.
  8. Be brief
  9. Avoid thanking the person beforehand
    For example: "Thanking you in advance for your help in this matter." To do so is presumptuous and suggests you do not feel the need to write a follow-up letter.
  10. Close with warm regards or best wishes for continued success