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Carta Modelo #1

I am flattered that you asked for my advice on your upcoming home purchase. In this market it has been difficult to go wrong, until about four months ago. Today the buyer must be very shrewd indeed. I recommend you contact John Doe, who is a licensed appraiser and also does in-home consultations. It is important to have someone truly knowledgeable on your side. Of course, this advice may be worth just what it costs you, but we bought our house in a similar market and John helped us a lot.

Carta Modelo #2

I am flattered that you would request my advice regarding your career path. I can tell from your letter that you have given much thought to your ultimate goal and I encourage you to continue weighing advantages versus disadvantages.

You state that your goal is to own a computer software development company. The question is, do you concentrate now on gaining knowledge and experience in management and finance, or do you increase your technical skills?

From what you describe, it seems that you are giving equal importance to each area. Perhaps you should concentrate on the area you have the most enthusiasm for at this time. I believe a conscious awareness of that preference may help you make your decision. Let me know if this helps!

Carta Modelo #3

You asked me whether you should take the position at Doe International. I thought long and hard about this and could only come up with one reason not to: You are obviously happy in your present job. You are one of the few people I know who loves his work. Unless Doe will make you even happier, I recommend staying where you are.

As you know, accepting the position would require moving your family. Your children would have to make new friends in new schools, and you would leave many great friends behind. Would you enjoy that work as much as you enjoy what you are doing now. You have to decide whether the move would be worth these costs. Give it some more thought. I wish you well in your decision. Let me know if I can help further.

Carta Modelo #4

I appreciate your confidence in asking for my advice regarding running for the position of mayor of Springfield. I don't have a lot of experience in politics, but I will share my thoughts on the matter.

I think it is time for new leadership in the mayor's office, and your experience as a city council member has been good preparation for the position. In addition, you are respected for your many years of community service in the city sports program and on the volunteer fire department.

On the other hand, you would be running against John Doe, and he has a lot of support from the business community. You would have to take into consideration the amount of support he will receive from that group. He will receive ample financial backing from them, but if you can get the support of the education leaders, I think you can have a very good chance of winning.

I know there are many factors for you to consider; this won't be an easy decision. Whatever you decide, you can count on my support. If you would like to discuss any of these issues further, don't hesitate to call.

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