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Felicitar a alguien por el aniversario de su matrimonio • ejemplos de cartas y guías para escribir

Carta Modelo #1


John and I send you my warmest congratulations on this wonderful occasion. Your completion of fifteen years of marriage is a marvelous achievement, and you have both been such wonderful examples of kindness and consideration to all who know you.

Happy anniversary and may you enjoy many more years together!

PS. We have sent a gift and hope it will arrive within the next few days.

Carta Modelo #2


No one is more pleased than I to wish you a happy fiftieth wedding anniversary. I have watched the two of you for many years and have been continually touched by the obvious love and respect you have for one another. You are an inspiration to me as I try to follow your example.

Although no material gift can adequately express my appreciation for the kind of parents you have been, the photo album will have to do. Please accept it with all the love and hope for the future that I have to give you.

May each of you receive all the joy and peace you can find.

Carta Modelo #3


Your sister informed me that your nineteenth wedding anniversary is today. Congratulations! My husband and I have only been married for half that time, but I appreciate the kind of love and devotion required to make a happy marriage last as long as yours.

Please accept my sincerest wish for your continued happiness and life together.

Carta Modelo #4


The word about town is that your marriage turns twenty years old this week. We want to congratulate you on this wonderful achievement!

These days it's the rare partnership that can last like yours has. Jane and I take strength in your example. We have sent a small anniversary gift to remind you of our admiration. We hope you enjoy it.