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Carta Modelo #1

I am the neighborhood representative for the area near Doe Elementary School at 1600 Main Street, where we are witnessing an unusual increase in students and traffic. We have an average of fifteen children per block in this new subdivision, and the college student traffic has increased significantly as a result of the large apartment complex recently finished on Maple Street.

We are very concerned for the safety of our children and enclose a petition signed by 200 residents who request that the speed limit be reduced to 25 mph in our area and, if necessary, that speed bumps be installed at the student crosswalks. We know that child safety is also important to you and look forward to swift action on this problem before we have an unfortunate accident. Thank you for your support.

Carta Modelo #2

My son was arrested recently for disturbing the peace. Try as we might, we cannot get any information from the District Court concerning his pretrial hearing. The Court seems to have lost the charges. His name is Eric Doe. He was arrested on December 16, 2001, at the recreation center on Main Street. We would appreciate your help in determining when he is to appear in court. Thank you for your help.

Carta Modelo #3

In the last several years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of homeless citizens sleeping in Doe Park. On any given night I can count at least ten individuals quietly sleeping under trees and on benches. The problem is that the park restrooms close at dusk, and the homeless have no toilet facilities. On behalf of the over 200 neighborhood residents who have signed it, I present you with this petition requesting the city to install and maintain a sanitary, temporary toilet. This measure, while not solving the problem of the homeless, will help address the sanitation problem this neighborhood park faces. I am sure you will see the logic in this request and will implement this measure until the greater problem of homelessness in Springfield can be fairly and properly resolved.

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