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Carta Modelo #1


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Doe Walker. As you can see from the enclosed flyers, the Fitness Council voted the Walker "Treadmill of the Year" in Exercise magazine. Our treadmills combine flexibility, affordable pricing and outstanding service to make the Doe Walker the best-selling treadmill in today's market. Please take note of our B-Model for the dedicated walker on a limited budget. To place an order or speak to one of our fitness consultants, please call 555-5555. We will be happy to help you become a healthier, fitter you.

Carta Modelo #2


Thank you for your letter requesting information about our fabrication services. Yes, we can custom-make waterproof aluminum boxes for mounting luggage on your motorcycle at a reasonable cost. You are welcome to visit our office at 1600 Main Street, where our design personnel have pictures of such custom-made boxes. We are proud of the beauty and utility that these boxes offer. Please drop in and discuss the design that you would like, or call 555-5555.

Carta Modelo #3


Thank you for your call requesting information about Doe Janitorial Services. We are currently the top-rated service in the Springfield area. I would like to schedule a walk-through of your building so that I could give you a sound estimate of the cost of our services. We do offer a discounted rate of 50% off the first month's service on signing a one-year service contract, whether you choose the Executive or the Professional level service. Please call me in my office at 555-5555 to make arrangements.

Carta Modelo #4


I was pleased to receive your inquiry regarding our line of window coverings. We distribute both the Doe and the Springfield lines of horizontal and vertical blinds, in addition to a number of exterior roll-up shades. From what you said on the telephone, I suspect the Doe Mark II is the blind for your west-facing living room. This model comes in many colors, and custom sizing is included in the modest price. I invite you to visit our showroom to view displays of all our products, and to take home a full-color catalog.

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