Stacie Heaps

Professional writer and editor, scholarly and business writing and editing

Stacie Heaps

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Location:Salt Lake City, Utah
Minimum Fee:$40
Hourly Rate:$40
Contact: 801-210-0241

Professional writer and editor, scholarly and business writing and editing

Stacie Heaps, professional writer and editor, has written or edited a wide variety of articles, books, legal documents, business and personal letters, college application letters, business proposals, scholarly publications, instructor and user manuals and guides, academic essays and reports, résumés and cover letters, personal histories and essays, style guides, works of fiction, text for software applications, technical manuals, and other documents. She has written or edited documents on business writing, fundraising, sales, finance, medical care, housecleaning and yard care, outdoor recreation, health and beauty, and more. She has also written promotional material and introduction letters for various companies and products. In the last few years, she has had six articles published or accepted for publication in two international magazines.

Stacie has written several business articles for WriteExpress Corporation on a number of topics, including recommendation letters, inquiry letters, complaint letters, follow-up letters, resignation letters, and the like. She has also written tips and steps for writing various kinds of business letters and has written numerous articles on business and academic writing and on topics of grammar and style.

Stacie graduated from the university magna cum laude with a 3.96 GPA. She received her bachelor degree in English and minors in editing and Spanish, and she has since earned her certification in technical communication, as well. While pursuing her degree she completed five editing internships. These helped prepare her for full-time work as an editor, which she loves.

Stacie works as an independent contractor doing writing and editing for WriteExpress Corporation and also as a freelance writer and editor for WriteAway!, LLC. You can reach her by e-mail at stacieheaps at or by phone at 801-210-0241.

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