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Respond to a Complaint While Avoiding Agreement or Denying Liability, and Refusing to Make an Adjustment • ejemplos de cartas y guías para escribir

Carta Modelo #1


We have just received your letter regarding a broken screen door glass. We are sorry for your misfortune, but because the glass was broken during installation, we cannot accept responsibility.

Customers who pay for our delivery and installation are entitled to reimbursement for such damages, but our records show that you chose to do your own installation. We do have replacement glass, which we will sell at a reduced rate of $20. For an additional $10 we will install it. We value your business and will be pleased to help.

Carta Modelo #2


I understand the disappointment you must have felt when you realized that you couldn't remove that grape juice stain from your new rug. I hope you can understand my position when I must deny your request for a free replacement, because I cannot be responsible for what happened to the rug after it left the store.

May I suggest that you take it to Doe Cleaners at 1600 Main Street. I understand they have a new process for cleaning small rugs. I believe they will be able to make it look like new again. Thank you for your understanding.

Carta Modelo #3


We understand that it must be disappointing to lose your layaway down payment of 15%. However, the sign over the cashier's desk clearly detailed the layaway deposit policy as did the layaway receipt which you signed. Our store policy requires that all returned layaway merchandise is subject to forfeiture of the 15% deposit. If you care to purchase the merchandise, we will credit your purchase with 15%. We simply cannot keep merchandise in storage for eight weeks and forfeit the opportunity to sell it to other customers. We anticipate serving your shopping needs in the future and hope to hear from you soon.

Carta Modelo #4


I just read your letter complaining about the investment return you received on the Doe Mid-Cap Fund. It is frustrating when expectations are not met. However, as I explained when you first purchased the Mid-Cap Fund, it is an extremely aggressive investment, subject to market fluctuation, and not for the faint of heart; consequently, I cannot refund your investment at this time. I suggest that you either hold on to the investment until it rebounds or shift the remainder of your investment to a safer fund. If you wish to examine these alternatives, give me a call. I appreciate your business and hope we can continue to work together.