Announce a Broken Engagement • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1State in simple, direct terms that the engagement has been cancelled.
2If the reader is a close associate, consider adding a brief personal comment to ease any concerns.


Send this letter to persons who have already received an announcement of the engagement or the wedding. It is inappropriate to elaborate on the reasons for the broken engagement.

Example Letter #1


Eric Doe and Ashley Johnson would like you to know they have broken their engagement to be married on January 15. They feel they have made the right decision.

They sincerely appreciate the kindness you have shown, especially during these past months.

Example Letter #2


Ashley and I wish to let you know that we have broken our engagement and will not marry, as previously announced. We are both comfortable with this decision.

Thanks for your understanding.

Example Letter #3


Ashley Johnson and Eric Doe announce that they will not be married on the fifth of October of this year, as had been planned.

We appreciate your understanding and sincerely regret any inconvenience.

Example Letter #4


Eric and Ashley would like you to know that their wedding has been postponed. They have decided that they need more time to prepare for marriage and a life together. They appreciate the support and love of all of their friends and family, and hope you will understand their decision.