Announce a New Partner • Letter Examples and Guide

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Example Letter #1


Springfield City is pleased to announce the appointment of John Doe as its new Chief of Police, effective July 1. Chief Doe is a 20-year veteran of our police force and was recently awarded the Governor's medal for meritorious service for his actions in thwarting a terrorist attack on City Hall. He succeeds Eric Johnson who will retire in June after a distinguished career in law enforcement. Springfield City is fortunate to have such capable leaders in our police force.

Example Letter #2


Eric Doe has recently joined the law firm of Johnson and Johnson as a partner. The firm Johnson, Johnson, and Doe will continue at its present location of 1600 Main Street in Springfield under its new name. Mr. Doe is a graduate of Springfield Law School and specializes in criminal defense law.

Example Letter #3


Jane Doe has been made a full partner in the Doe Adventures travel and guide services. Jane grew up knowing the business, and for the last ten years has been the region's top-rated white water guide. As a partner, Jane will bring a wealth of travel experience to the white water rafting, scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing expeditions she will organize and lead.

Example Letter #4


The Doe Real Estate Group is pleased to welcome a new partner, Jane Doe. Jane grew up here in Springfield but has spent the last ten years working in commercial real estate in Chicago. We are happy she has decided to return to her hometown and bring her experience to our office. Please call Doe Real Estate for help with all your real estate needs.

Letter-Writing Tips

Make this announcement short and to the point. It is a courtesy announcement and serves as publicity for your business.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Explain who your new partner is and what position he or she will occupy. Keep details such as job history, schooling, or academic honors brief. Before sending the announcement, give the new partner the courtesy of reviewing it for possible changes and final approval.

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