Announce a Hiring Freeze

Letter #1


At [Company Name], we continuously assess market conditions to ensure our long-term success. Due to recent market fluctuations, we've implemented a temporary hiring freeze. While we understand this news may cause disruption, this strategic decision allows us to refine our marketing strategies before expanding our team. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this dynamic environment. In the meantime, let's focus on optimizing our current processes – this is a perfect opportunity to identify areas for improvement. We'll revisit the hiring freeze as soon as market conditions stabilize. Thank you for your continued dedication.

Letter #2


Following the recent closure of Doe Savings and Loan, we've made the difficult decision to implement a hiring freeze, effective immediately. We understand this may necessitate some of you taking on additional responsibilities for the next few months until business stabilizes. We anticipate returning to normal operations within approximately three months. We appreciate your flexibility and resilience during this temporary period.

Letter #3


As you're aware, the recent economic downturn has impacted various industries, including ours. To navigate these challenging times, we've instituted a temporary hiring freeze. We recognize this may cause inconvenience, but it's a necessary step to ensure our long-term stability. Rest assured, we're committed to avoiding layoffs by taking these proactive measures. We believe the current situation is temporary, and cooperation between departments is crucial during this period. Thank you for your support as we navigate these economic headwinds. We look forward to brighter days ahead.

Letter #4


At Doe Corporation, we prioritize strategic growth. Due to recent consumer spending trends, we're implementing a temporary hiring freeze. While we anticipate a strong fourth quarter, this pause allows us to reassess our staffing needs. We're open to discussing any special circumstances that may arise and will make adjustments as necessary. We appreciate your understanding and collaboration as we navigate this dynamic market. We're confident we'll return to a normal hiring pace soon.

How to Write this Announcement Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

  • Acknowledge the inconvenience: Express understanding of potential disruptions and highlight long-term benefits.
  • Focus on solutions: Outline alternative actions during the freeze (emphasizing efficiency and open communication).
  • Provide specificity: Mention the temporary nature of the freeze and offer timeframes when possible.
As the topic suggests, this announcement can send a chill through the ranks. Still you must make a direct, no nonsense statement, tempered with understanding and optimism.


  1. Explain the situation with authority.
  2. Explain in a general way why the company is taking this action.
  3. Express understanding, possible adjustments, and anticipation for a return to hiring.

Write Your announcement in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Explain the situation with authority.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • Effective immediately, there will be no increases in any staff positions until we have a better reading on fourth quarter sales.
  • Please be advised that there will be no more hiring until I have personally authorized it.
  • Our third quarter performance dictates that we must put an immediate freeze on hiring for the indefinite future.
  • Please advise your division that there will be a moratorium on hiring additional staff until further notice.
  • I regret to inform you that we must freeze all hiring indefinitely. Employees leaving the company after today will not be replaced without my personal approval.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • a year-end deficit
  • able to avoid a direct layoff, but
  • advise your division that
  • an immediate freeze on hiring
  • effective immediately
  • employees leaving the company
  • freeze all hiring indefinitely
  • has become necessary for us to
  • moratorium on hiring
  • no new personnel can be hired
  • performance dictates that
  • prevents us from hiring
  • probably not come as a surprise that
  • regret to inform you
  • until the next fiscal year
  • until further notice
  • will be no more hiring
  • will not be replaced
  • without approval of the
2 Explain in a general way why the company is taking this action.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • Our dismal performance during the first two quarters of this year makes this action necessary.
  • Our domestic sales seem to have peaked, so we must focus more closely on international markets.
  • Rising interest rates have forced us to postpone building the new complex for the customer relations division.
  • Our rush to reach the holiday markets has left us overstaffed in several sections.
  • The pending merger with Doe International suggests that there may be layoffs in some departments. We cannot in good conscience continue to hire until this situation is resolved.
  • It appears we overestimated our need for seasonal help.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • as you are probably aware
  • belt-tightening throughout the industry
  • budgets cut to bare essentials
  • cuts in consumer spending
  • find ourselves overstaffed
  • importance of remaining competitive
  • makes this action necessary
  • may necessitate layoffs
  • overall budget cuts
  • overestimated our need for
  • pending merger with
  • poor sales during
  • postpone our expansion plans
  • reduction of staff due to attrition
  • release of this quarter's
  • revenues did not match our projections
  • rising interest rates
  • slowdown in the entire industry
  • uncertainty in the marketplace
  • year-end deficit
3 Express understanding, possible adjustments, and anticipation for a return to hiring.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • I realize that this may present a hardship for some sections. If we work efficiently, this phase may pass quickly.
  • I know this announcement comes at a difficult time, but we must conserve our assets until we can develop new markets. We hope to be in a position to lift the freeze by June.
  • None of us likes this situation, but current economic conditions have caused a slowdown in the entire industry. Still, we expect an upturn in the second quarter.
  • The next few months may be difficult for some departments, but let's resolve to keep morale high.
  • I understand that this action may upset some managers who were hoping to replace retirees at the end of the year. I will be willing to discuss and consider individual cases.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • am as disappointed as you that
  • appreciate your loyalty and cooperation
  • can get through this together
  • comes at a difficult time
  • difficulties should ease when
  • expect an upturn after
  • get through this relatively unscathed
  • hope this phase will pass quickly
  • hope to be in a position to
  • hope to be back to normal soon
  • increased workload
  • know that I appreciate your extra effort
  • may present a hardship
  • may be difficult for
  • regret the hardship this may cause
  • shoulder extra responsibilities
  • situation is temporary
  • trust that we will be able to lift the freeze by
  • try to keep morale high
  • willing to discuss
  • willing to make adjustments to