Inform Employees of Another's Illness

Letter #1


We are thinking of Jane Doe as she undergoes tests in the hospital for a recurring health issue. Many of you know she's been managing an ulcer and taking medication for several months. While Jane's dedicated to her work, her doctor has ordered additional tests to ensure her well-being. We all hope for a smooth recovery and her return to the office on Monday. In the meantime, let's all pitch in and help manage Jane's workload to ease her transition back. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Letter #2


Wishing Jane Doe a speedy recovery from a mild case of pneumonia! As recommended by her doctor, Jane will be recuperating at home until she's fully healthy and cleared to return. We know Jane would appreciate a friendly call to brighten her day, however visits might be tiring. To ensure a smooth workflow in Jane's absence, we're prepared to distribute her workload amongst the team. Let's work together to avoid any backlogs.

Letter #3


Wishing John a swift recovery following his weekend surgery to address those bothersome bone spurs! I spoke with John, and he's in good spirits and eager to get back on his feet. He'll be recuperating at home for at least two weeks. John welcomes visitors and is particularly interested in staying updated on the bidding process for the Springfield Middle School remodel project. In true techie fashion, Harold has even set up a 'bedtop computer' for remote work! Let's all send John our best for a speedy recovery.

How to Write this Announcement Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Maintain a positive and supportive tone throughout the letters. Avoid mentioning specific medical conditions (ulcer, pneumonia) unless appropriate for the company culture. Encourage colleagues to help with the workload. This announcement is a considerate gesture to let other employees know the status of a co-worker who is absent from work. Care should be taken to not disclose information that the ill employee would want to keep private. It can also be an appeal for needed cooperation or effort during this time.


  1. Simply inform the employees of their co-worker's illness.
  2. Add appropriate details without disclosing information that the ill person would want to keep private.
  3. Ask for support to cover for the person until he or she returns.

Write Your announcement in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Simply inform the employees of their co-worker's illness.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • In case you were not aware, Jane Doe has been hospitalized with an acute case of pneumonia.
  • I am sorry to report that John Doe has been hospitalized.
  • I guess our picnic last Saturday was too much for John. He suffered a sprained back when he slid into home plate, and the doctor has prescribed bed rest for several days.
  • I thought you should know that John suffered a mild heart attack over the weekend.
  • Jane Doe was admitted to the Springfield hospital for observation after experiencing chest pains during our meeting this morning.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • after collapsing at work
  • as you may already be aware
  • had emergency surgery
  • has been placed on strict bed rest
  • has been hospitalized with
  • has been taken ill
  • has been seriously injured in
  • has been admitted to
  • illness has recurred
  • in case you were not aware
  • is in the hospital
  • complications with her pregnancy
  • sorry to report that
  • sorry to announce that
  • sorry to inform you that
  • suffering from
  • thought you ought to know that
  • was injured in
  • was taken to the hospital
  • with an acute case of
2 Add appropriate details without disclosing information that the ill person would want to keep private.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • It appears that she will be away from the office for at least four weeks. She is pleased to receive visitors, but long visits are inappropriate at this time.
  • We anticipate that he will be in the hospital for two weeks and will spend a month recuperating at home. A get-well card is circulating in case you would like to write him a personalized greeting.
  • Back injuries require serious attention, so we hope John will take care of himself and return to us soon with his usual energy.
    I think it would lift his spirits to receive notes and cards.
  • He is in the Springfield Central Hospital, and I think he would appreciate cards and notes from his friends. I don't think he is ready for personal visits yet.
  • Initial tests are encouraging, and doctors suggest that she will be able to return to work in a day or two.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • anticipate that
  • asked that you do not send flowers
  • finds long visits very tiring
  • get-well card is circulating
  • have every hope of full recovery
  • illness will be a long one
  • initial tests are encouraging
  • is recovering from surgery
  • it appears that
  • let you know when
  • lift her spirits
  • likely to be out for some months
  • likely to be protracted
  • look forward to her return
  • not ready for personal visits
  • please keep your visits short
  • pleased to receive visitors
  • recuperate at home
  • when she can receive visitors
  • will be away from the office for
  • will know more in a few days' time
  • will be unable to work for
  • will be in the hospital for
  • would enjoy seeing visitors
  • would appreciate notes and cards
3 Ask for support to cover for the person until he or she returns.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • We will miss her energy, but if we all pitch in and share a part of her load, we can manage until she gets back.
  • In the meantime we will have some temporary help, but we will still have to pull together to make our deadlines.
  • Until he returns, I trust that you can share some of his duties. John would be very appreciative.
  • I realize that we need his help on the new project, but we will have to do our best without him for a period of time. We will have to consider some readjustments next week.
  • I would appreciate it if her assistants could monitor her major accounts until she returns.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • all pitch in to help
  • consult with his assistant
  • do what he can from his bed
  • do our best without her
  • has suggested that we replace her
  • has invited you to call her with questions
  • manage until he gets back
  • miss her substantial contribution
  • need her help on
  • projects will be distributed among
  • take your questions
  • take over some of his duties
  • to make our deadlines
  • will be filling in for her
  • will have some temporary help
  • will have to pull together
  • will have to hire a replacement
  • make some adjustments
  • monitor her major accounts
  • start searching for a replacement