Announce a Change of Address

Sample Letter #1

On March 31, I will move to

648 Maple Lane

Springfield, Kansas 12345

I will miss your friendly service. Please forward my last bill to my new address.

Sample Letter #2

Please note that my address will be changing. The old address is

648 Maple Lane

Centerville, KS 12346

and the new address will be

1600 Main St.

Springfield, KS 12345

We have appreciated the service you have provided for us, but we will need to cancel our account. We will be opening a new account closer to our home in Springfield. Please forward all statements to the new address after July 8.

Sample Letter #3

We are moving. Our new address is:

Jane and John Doe

648 Maple Lane

Centerville, KS 12346

Please transfer our account to your Centerville office and update your mailing list.

Sample Letter #4

Just a note to all of our friends and family to let you know that our new home is finally done and we will be moving into it in time for Christmas. Please note our new address:

648 Maple Lane

Springfield, Kansas 12345

We look forward to celebrating the holidays in our new place and invite you to join us at an open house Saturday, December 28, 3:00-6:00 p.m. We hope you will share the spirit of Christmas with us.

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