Grant Permission to Use or Publish Materials

Sample Letter #1

I am pleased to grant you permission to photocopy and distribute the article "Rhetoric and Research" by John Doe to your writing students. I hope you and your students will enjoy the article.

Sample Letter #2

I am pleased that you enjoyed my book. You have my permission to copy and include Chapter 2 in a readings packet for your health and fitness class. This permission is good for five years. Please include the title page and name of the publisher with the copied chapter so students will have the information for citing. We will need to consider a fee for using the material if you decide to use more of the book in the future.

Sample Letter #3

I authorize you to reprint material excerpted from my technical manual, The Doe Handbook, as outlined in your request. I ask that you include a brief credit line for each quotation used, and my publisher requires that a note be included in the acknowledgments. There will be a one-time $100 charge, providing that only the requested material is used. This amount is payable to Doe Publishing. Please send me a final copy of the material as it will appear within the context of your publication, before printing, so that I may give final approval.

Sample Letter #4

You have my permission to reprint my choral piece, "Doe Suite," for use by your church choir. I ask that you limit yourself to twenty copies and that these copies remain the property of the church. In this case, I will waive my usual reprint fee.

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