Authorize a Study or Report • Letter Examples and Guide

Copy a Letter

Example Letter #1


The Doe Corporation authorizes you to conduct the hair care study outlined in your proposal, with the understanding that it will not involve animal subjects.

Please proceed as you have outlined in your proposal and report your progress to me weekly. The corporation asks that you complete the study no later than May 13 of this year. I look forward to receiving your first report on Monday, February 10.

Example Letter #2


We are considering moving Doe Tuxedo Shop from our present downtown location to a strip mall at 1600 Main Street in Springfield. Please conduct a telephone survey to determine whether this move would be more likely to increase or decrease our business from university students. We will need your report by March 1. As agreed on the telephone, we have allocated $650 for this survey. You come highly recommended and we look forward to receiving the results. If you have questions, please contact me at 555-5555.

Example Letter #3


I would like you to conduct a one-month feasibility study on our proposal to extend our operations to include the Pacific Rim markets. If the results are positive, your report will go before the board of trustees as we attempt to secure financing for this expansion. Since we are working under the current budget, your travel allowance will be tight, but I know you will make careful choices. I have included a copy of Doe's research on this matter. It is out of date, but may still prove useful as a model. I look forward to weekly reports and, of course, to your final report, which is due no later than July 14.

Example Letter #4


The University's Ombudsman Office has authorized you to conduct a study of freshman perceptions of the University's administration. You have $350 to complete your study. If you need to hire additional help, you are restricted to hiring students. Please complete your research before the end of the quarter. We look forward to seeing the results.

Example Letter #5


I want you to survey the local market for Internet providers to determine who would best design and manage our home page. Among other things, you should ask:

1. whether they can track hits to our site

2. how often they report hits

3. whether they have T1 or T3 lines

4. whether we have to include their name in our address

I need the report by Friday, May 5. Thanks for your help.

Letter-Writing Tips

Be sure to communicate exactly what you want. Giving precise instructions now may save a lot of correcting later.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Explain the authorization, identifying the specific study or report.

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2 Explain any special restrictions or circumstances pertaining to the study, including previous research, corporate or civic policies, and deadlines.

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