Cancel Your Own Credit Account

Sample Letter #1

Until market conditions improve, we are canceling our credit accounts and making all purchases on a cash basis. Please send me a final statement showing the amount due to close the account.

We have appreciated your service and hope to continue our relationship as business improves.

Sample Letter #2

Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond my control, I must terminate my credit account. According to my records, my account is $369.86 in arrears. You should receive a check for that amount within the next few days.

Thank you for your outstanding service and patience. I hope to reopen my account at a later date.

Sample Letter #3

Due to budget restrictions, we will be terminating our Doe account effective immediately. All further sales will be on a cash basis. We will pay off our account balance immediately upon receipt of a final billing statement. We thank you for the years of fine service on our account.

Sample Letter #4

I am canceling my credit card with you because of the new annual fee and increased interest rate. Enclosed is my check for $100 to pay off my balance. If I have miscalculated, please bill me for the remaining amount. Thank you for taking care of this for me.

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