Complain About an Employee Who Has Given Poor or Offensive Service

Sample Letter #1

I think you should be aware of the language that one of your employees is using in the children's shoe department. His identification tag shows the name John. I was shocked to hear him repeatedly refer to some children with words such as "bastards" or "dwarfs." I couldn't believe my ears. He seemed to think it was funny. I don't know how many people he has offended, but I found it so offensive that I don't want to go into that part of the store again.

I personally feel he has no place interacting with the public when he lacks the most basic sense of propriety and kindness. Whatever action you decide to take, my daughter and I are certainly willing to act as witnesses.

Sample Letter #2

For several weeks I have experienced such rude treatment from one of your tellers that I refuse to tolerate it any longer. Each time I try to make a transaction through Ms. Doe, she acts as though I were an annoyance. In one instance, she said she has "no patience in dealing with such petty transactions."

I trust that you will speak to her about polite customer service. If she continues to have this attitude, I will move my accounts to another bank. Customers are not an annoyance; we are the ones who pay her salary.

Sample Letter #3

This afternoon I phoned your business for help. A woman identifying herself as Jane Doe answered the phone and proceeded to talk in a most rude and vulgar manner. The words she used are commonly referred to by their first letter by people with manners. I doubt that she is typical of your employees; however, I think that someone should talk to her soon before your business suffers. All of us need to learn something new occasionally. I guess it is her turn.

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