Complain to a Club or Organization

Sample Letter #1


I am concerned about the way some of our book club members use the club as a forum for their political views. Our initial purpose in organizing the club was to meet monthly to encourage the reading and discussing of good literature. We have followed that philosophy for many years, but it seems the newer members want to spend most of the time on political issues.

As you know, I have nothing against political activity. I have championed as many causes as anyone in the community, but I don't want to see our book club become a political action group. I hope you will bring up this issue at our next meeting and see if others feel as I do. I sincerely hope we don't lose the friendship and intellectual stimulation that has characterized our club for so long.

Sample Letter #2


When I enrolled my son in your Future Leaders of Springfield organization, I expected him to receive the kind of support from the leaders that would build his self-confidence. However, it seems that the organization's counselors demand immediate perfection rather than building young men through growth experiences. I now wonder whether this organization has done more to destroy his self-confidence than to build it.

I would like to meet with you and the other children's parents to discuss your organization's philosophy and curriculum. I would appreciate a call to arrange a meeting at your convenience. My number is 555-5555.

Sample Letter #3


When I signed up as a distributor for Doe Multilevel, I expected more emphasis on the products. At the meetings I have attended lately, John Doe focuses only on money, with almost no discussion of products. If products are not emphasized more, I will stop doing the business. Worse, the State Attorney General will probably close Doe down as an illegal pyramid scheme. We have a great product, and this can be a great business. Let's rectify the situation before we have problems.

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