Complain to a Club or Organization • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


You may write this letter when you disagree with established procedures, the general direction or aim of the club or organization, or if you have complaints about the performance or actions of a specific officer or member. Remember that you may be criticizing a person directly, or criticizing the way somebody does something; therefore, keep the tone of your letter calm. It is best not to write the final version while you are angry. Have another person read the letter and react to the tone; then revise it. Don't insult the person or persons, but let them know that their behavior or methods cause you distress.

How to write this complaint letter:

  1. Explain your grievance using specific details. State what your expectations were and how those expectations have not been met.
  2. Offer specific suggestions about how the individual or organization in question could change.
  3. End the letter on a positive note. Offer to help rectify the situation whenever possible.

Example Letter #1


I am concerned about the way some of our book club members use the club as a forum for their political views. Our initial purpose in organizing the club was to meet monthly to encourage the reading and discussing of good literature. We have followed that philosophy for many years, but it seems the newer members want to spend most of the time on political issues.

As you know, I have nothing against political activity. I have championed as many causes as anyone in the community, but I don't want to see our book club become a political action group. I hope you will bring up this issue at our next meeting and see if others feel as I do. I sincerely hope we don't lose the friendship and intellectual stimulation that has characterized our club for so long.

Example Letter #2


When I enrolled my son in your Future Leaders of Springfield organization, I expected him to receive the kind of support from the leaders that would build his self-confidence. However, it seems that the organization's counselors demand immediate perfection rather than building young men through growth experiences. I now wonder whether this organization has done more to destroy his self-confidence than to build it.

I would like to meet with you and the other children's parents to discuss your organization's philosophy and curriculum. I would appreciate a call to arrange a meeting at your convenience. My number is 555-5555.

Example Letter #3


When I signed up as a distributor for Doe Multilevel, I expected more emphasis on the products. At the meetings I have attended lately, John Doe focuses only on money, with almost no discussion of products. If products are not emphasized more, I will stop doing the business. Worse, the State Attorney General will probably close Doe down as an illegal pyramid scheme. We have a great product, and this can be a great business. Let's rectify the situation before we have problems.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Explain your grievance using specific details. State what your expectations were and how those expectations have not been met.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • I expected your volleyball club to teach my daughter how to improve her skills as a player and how to work with a team; however, after listening to Coach Doe after the tournament last week, I wonder whether he is more concerned about his own image and win-loss record than he is about his players' development.
  • The brochures on your organization led me to believe that by joining I would have many opportunities to work with the underprivileged. In the three months since I joined, I have spent more time dealing with the committee's concern with benefit qualification than I have in serving the persons who need help. I feel the organization needs to reexamine its priorities. Unless there is a change, I am considering submitting my resignation.
  • Ever since Jane Doe took over my daughter's Girl Scout troop last October, it seems that there has been less emphasis on character development and more on awards. Last week Ms. Doe publicly ridiculed my daughter for not completing the requirements for a badge at the same time as the rest of the troop.
  • I am concerned about the way John Doe is handling his Sunday School class. I thought the purpose of the class was to teach our youth how to lead more spiritual lives, but John seems more interested in discussing his political views.
  • When Mr. Doe was elected president of the Wilson Neighborhood Organization, he promised that he would do all in his power to clean up the graffiti on the Second Street Apartments. In the six months since his election, nothing has been done about the situation. We wonder when he will devote some time to addressing the problems his constituents consider important.
  • When I joined the parish, I expected that we would try to figure out how we could help our children deal with the problems they encounter every day at school and in the community. It seems to me, however, that we spend more time worrying about fund raising.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • apparently more interested in
  • are not presenting themselves
  • behavior embarrasses me
  • can't believe such conduct
  • character development is a major goal of
  • concerned about the behavior of
  • concerned about the way
  • concerned with his own image
  • correct me if I am wrong but
  • disagree with how we approach
  • disposition has drastically changed
  • does not take into consideration
  • doesn't seem to care about
  • established principles that have made this club
  • expectations have not been met
  • had expected your team to
  • has yet to meet my expectations
  • has changed its course
  • have become sidetracked into
  • ignoring our stated objectives
  • is losing its focus
  • is not the primary aim of
  • is not in harmony with
  • methods cause me distress
  • misuse of funds
  • not abiding by the policies
  • objectives are different from
  • one could get the impression
  • places too little emphasis on
  • seemingly oblivious to
  • skirted the responsibility of
  • think I speak for most of the
  • toward reaching our stated goals
  • understood that this was a
  • unless there is a change

2 Offer specific suggestions about how the individual or organization in question could change.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • I think the coach should be made aware of the parents' concerns and desires. If a change doesn't take place, I believe several parents will withdraw their children.
  • Perhaps we need a meeting to address the problem, so we can refocus on our purpose.
  • If Mr. Doe would spend more time talking to members of the community or members of the city counsel, I think he would see more clearly how we can clean up the neighborhood.
  • I believe all the members of the choir would like to sing more contemporary songs.
  • Since coach Doe appears to disregard the desires of team members and their parents, many of us feel that he should be removed from his head coaching responsibilities.
  • If we were to change our meeting's agenda so that we could address other concerns before we discuss financial matters, we might be able to get more done on the substantive issues.
  • We would like to ask Jane Doe to emphasize integrity and cooperation in accomplishing the girls' objectives. We feel the means are just as important as the ends.
  • If at all possible, I would like to volunteer to help with the troop activities.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • address the problem directly
  • address more important concerns
  • adjust the agenda
  • ask for more support
  • be made aware of
  • believe all of us
  • can count on me to
  • could use the time to
  • if a change doesn't take place soon
  • if at all possible
  • if it's within our budget
  • if we have the funds
  • might be able to get more done if
  • need more input from
  • need to arrange a meeting to
  • put yourself in our position
  • reestablish our priorities
  • refocus on our purpose
  • should be removed from
  • spend more time on
  • take more time to explain
  • the means are available to
  • to offer my suggestions
  • to offer my expertise
  • will work only if
  • won't happen unless
  • would appreciate the opportunity to
  • would be happy to

3 End the letter on a positive note. Offer to help rectify the situation whenever possible.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • I would be happy to help come up with a new agenda.
  • I am willing to help you select newer music for the choir.
  • If at all possible, I would like to volunteer to help the troop with its activities and camps.
  • Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, or if I can help.
  • For the good of the coach and the players, we hope this situation can be resolved quickly.
  • We trust that you will do your best to rectify this situation.
  • We hope the boys on your team will have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.
  • I am willing to arrange more community and corporate support for our cleanup project.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • am willing to contribute more
  • am eager to learn
  • am eager to help
  • am eager to assist
  • am eager to become more involved
  • anxious to see this problem resolved
  • as soon as possible
  • can be resolved quickly
  • can offer my expertise in
  • can be an enjoyable experience
  • continued involvement in
  • don't hesitate to call me
  • for the betterment of
  • have confidence that
  • if I can be of any help
  • if at all possible
  • in the best interests of
  • know it's important to you
  • know you feel strongly about
  • please get in touch with me
  • please advise me on
  • trust this situation will improve
  • trust you will do your best to
  • want nothing more than
  • would be happy to help
  • would like to volunteer to
  • would like to volunteer my assistance