Complain About Harassment • Letter Examples and Guide

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Example Letter #1


Several weeks ago I received your invitation to join the "Flower of the Month Club" and to enter your sweepstakes. I declined the flowers offer, but returned the form qualifying me for a chance in the sweepstakes.

Since then I have received monthly shipments of flowers, which I have returned marked "refused, not ordered." I have also received threatening letters telling me that I owe you over $85.00. I have sent you two letters (copies enclosed) explaining the misunderstanding and asking you to correct the problem. Today, I received a threatening letter from a collection agency, demanding payment for the flowers I returned.

Since I have refused the flowers and have explained the situation twice before, I consider this to be harassment. I will not be bullied into paying for something that I did not order. If this continues I will take legal action rather than have you tarnish my good credit rating.

Example Letter #2


I understand that my payment is three weeks late, but that does not justify your collections office's actions. During the past five days I have received three telephone calls and four letters. In addition, one of your representatives has contacted three of my relatives who have nothing to do with my finances. By anyone's definition this is harassment. I expect you to stop contacting me every day and to stop calling my relatives.

In the meantime, please know that I plan to send you a payment within the next few days. The money will reach your office in about a week.

Example Letter #3


Is it really necessary to call me at 10:00 p.m. to tell me to send in a payment? I am only one month behind, and I keep in touch with your office, yet you constantly harass me. I have prepared a letter to the State Attorney General's office, describing in detail what is happening and who is doing it. If I hear from you one more time, I will immediately send that letter with a copy of this one to her office. Please leave me alone.

Example Letter #4


I do not wish to buy mortgage life insurance from your or any other company. I am already adequately insured. Your frequent calls on the subject have become a nuisance. I asked my mortgage company some months ago to remove my name from the mailing lists they make available, and they assure me that this has been done. Kindly stop writing to me and calling me, and remove my name from your list of prospective customers.

If your representative calls me again I will be forced to consider further action to stop this nuisance.

Letter-Writing Tips

In this letter you need to be assertive, but not insulting. Be brief, and don't threaten legal action unless you are willing to follow through with it.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Give all the relevant facts concerning the incident(s) in question. If a business is harassing you, include copies of any receipts, canceled checks, or notices that will substantiate your position.

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2 State directly that you expect the harassment to stop. Indicate what appropriate actions you will take if it does not. If you threaten legal action, be sure you can follow through, if necessary.

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