Complain About a Radio or Television Broadcast

Example Letter #1


We are writing to express our displeasure with your report on our Youth Bible Conference. First of all, it was not limited to a "fringe group" of one particular religion, but had the support and participation of all Protestant groups in the State. Nothing was said about the study sessions, talks, and publications that came out of the meetings. In fact, your broadcast seemed to focus on one unfortunate incident in which a homeless man had an altercation with a security guard. This was hardly what the conference was about. In all, your coverage was so inaccurate that it could lead one to believe that your station has significant prejudice against religious groups, regardless of their activities.

An apology is in order. You should consider the ramifications of such irresponsible reporting, which will surely not go unnoticed by the public. As for the undersigned and the hundreds who were in attendance, we have lost confidence in the credibility of your news reports. We hope you are interested in regaining this confidence and look forward to your correcting the problem.

Example Letter #2


I have always allowed my children to watch your station uncensored because of its family-centered programming, but yesterday afternoon I saw your new pilot program "Two." The language and the material were shocking, and I was saddened that the one station I had trusted had stooped so low.

Please discontinue that program after its initial contract ends, so we can once again enjoy watching Springfield's local station.

Example Letter #3


When I sit down to watch a sitcom with my children between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 p.m., I expect family entertainment. Imagine my surprise as we watched "Captain Creep" last night when not one, but two nearly naked actresses danced across our screen into the bed of one eager actor. Money is the only excuse for broadcasting such garbage. I am writing the show's sponsors to tell them that my money is going elsewhere until this show is moved to a different time slot or removed altogether. I hope you see the wisdom of cleaning up prime time programming.

Example Letter #4


We were very distressed by your one-sided coverage of the Springfield City Planning Commission meeting last Tuesday. You made it sound as if almost everyone present was in favor of the proposed rezoning, when in fact the meeting was evenly split. Implying that those opposed to the rezoning were a small minority, and referring to us as a "lunatic fringe" in your broadcast was misleading and insulting.

Kindly retract your statements and apologize on the air. We understand that it may be difficult for a local station to be impartial in reporting such matters, but impartiality is important if you wish to have any credibility at all.

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