Complain About Overdue Work or Poor Workmanship

Sample Letter #1


We felt fortunate to get your roofing crew to shingle our new home last fall when our general contractor had legal problems. Your workers were prompt and fast; however, the heavy winds that we experienced last week ripped off several of the new shingles. When I personally inspected the damage, I found that your crew had done a very shoddy job of installing them. They had not removed the plastic covering from the backs of the shingles so the adhesive strip could take hold, and in many cases, they had only used one nail per shingle. It is little wonder that they finished the work so quickly.

According to the standard building agreement, materials and workmanship are guaranteed for one year, so I expect you to repair the roof properly before the next storm. Since a year will soon be up and fall weather will be upon us, would you please inform me by August 15 when you plan to have the work completed. I trust this is all the action I will have to take, but I am prepared to do whatever may be necessary to get satisfaction.

Sample Letter #2


My brother, John Doe, recommended your company as one that would do a good job of building our exhibition booths, but we have seen virtually no progress on the project during recent weeks. Our conference is scheduled for March 3.

With our advance payment, you agreed to have the work completed one week prior to the opening (contract copy enclosed). I question whether you will be able to meet the terms of the contract, and am very concerned about being ready for the conference. Please call me, and follow up in writing, about how you intend to complete the work on time. If it appears that you will default on this contract, we will take immediate measures to protect ourselves.

Sample Letter #3


Before I hired you to remodel my home, I asked for references from some of your past customers. All of them recommended you highly. Now I stand in the middle of a mess: Walls are torn out, bathroom fixtures are missing, doors need to be hung, and the list goes on. And, of course, we have seen neither you nor any of your employees for at least a week and a half. Enclosed is our contract stating explicitly that you were to finish my home by May 5, two weeks ago. If we do not hear from you by Friday, May 24, we will cancel the contract, hire a new contractor, and meet you in court.

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