Compliment or Praise Someone For an Achievement • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1State the reason for the compliment.
2Acknowledge the personal qualities required to reach the achievement or accomplishment.
3Extend your wishes for continued success.


Regardless of whether you write this letter directly to the person being complimented or to the person's peers, the tone should be warm, personal, and relatively informal.

Example Letter #1


You must be very happy to graduate after four years of sacrifice and hard work. It takes special dedication and perseverance to get through such a demanding course of study. We congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure. Your achievement is an example to us all. Keep in touch!

Example Letter #2


In celebration of the release of Doe '97, I commend each of you for your dedication and hard work. You deserve to be proud of your achievement. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding. Thank you for the best Doe product ever!

Example Letter #3


I just learned that your essay won first place in national competition. Congratulations! I know how strongly you felt about the issue, and how long you worked on developing your argument. You are a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off.

This honor indicates a promising future in journalism and public service. We wish you the very best.

Example Letter #4


I congratulate you for getting your bachelor's degree this spring. Your accomplishing this while maintaining a home and raising three children is a marvelous achievement. Your determination to reach your goal has been admirable. I'm sure your husband, who has been your chief support, must be very proud of you. You are a good role model.