Compliment or Praise an Employee's Work Performance

Letter #1


Jane, we in management are well-aware of your personal contributions to the Doe project. Given a complex problem, you have a rare and enviable ability to find a simple solution. It is delightful to see how your eyes light up when you are working on new ideas. Thank you for the enthusiasm you add to the team. You are a great contributor. We hope you will be inspiring us with your innovative thinking for years to come.

Letter #2


I want to compliment you on getting the sales brochure out in record time. I know you had to spend time on Saturdays to pull things together after some of the data was lost, but you did it without complaint. I trust these kinds of pressures will be a thing of the past as we get new equipment. We sincerely appreciate your outstanding work in getting this campaign started right. Thank you, again, for taking this problem in stride. You have a promising future in the company.

Letter #3


Congratulations on your presentation to our new clients last Friday. I thought your descriptive approach with multicolored visuals was very effective. The clients seemed especially to appreciate your attention to detail when you answered their questions. Thank you for the preparation you put into this effort. It was one of the best I have attended.

Letter #4


Congratulations! Your work group achieved the highest quality production of the whole factory last month. In addition to having the highest overall score, your group also had the lowest rework percentages in the plant. This is particularly impressive since our overall quality figures were up for all departments for the month.

The diligence and dedication demonstrated by your team have been mentioned by your supervisors and your colleagues. We have all noticed the enthusiasm and extra hours each of you put in this last month.

Thank you for your significant contribution to our division's success. We are implementing your recommendations for new equipment and hope that it will help you to maintain the same excellent performance.

How to Write this Compliment Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Praise is a powerful motivator. Take the time to give genuine, specific compliments in a friendly, yet professional manner. A bonus check or some other tangible expression of thanks may accompany this letter.


  1. Mention the work or achievement that deserves the compliment.
  2. Acknowledge the qualities the employee possesses to achieve the high standard.
  3. Thank the employee for his or her contribution.

Write Your compliment in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Mention the work or achievement that deserves the compliment.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • I was pleased with your presentation on Friday. It was very interesting, accurate, and motivating.
  • I want to commend you for your fine work on our last project.
  • I want you to know how impressed I am with the professional manner in which you handled the Doe account.
  • I continue to be grateful for your ability to find every error. Without your sharp eye we would have been working for days trying to resolve the discrepancies in the Doe account.
  • Congratulations, John! Your team surpassed this month's production goals in both quality and quantity.
  • We just want to tell you how much we appreciate the public relations work you do for us.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • a direct result of your efforts
  • a job well done
  • accept my sincerest
  • are to be commended for
  • congratulations on
  • done a magnificent job
  • exceptional job you did
  • have been very pleased
  • how much we value
  • how impressed I was
  • how much I appreciate
  • let you know
  • must compliment you on
  • must give you the credit for
  • such a fine job
  • the outstanding success of
  • the excellent quality of
  • the professional manner
  • the contribution you make
  • very impressed with
  • want to commend your
  • was most pleased with
  • your positive impact on
2 Acknowledge the qualities the employee possesses to achieve the high standard.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • Your willingness to spend long hours in meticulous research has brought impressive results that motivate the younger members of the team.
  • Your insistence on professional quality at each stage produced a much better product than we had originally thought possible.
  • Not only did you identify the problem, you explained how we can avoid the error in the future.
  • Your ability to motivate your team to work together in harmony is a rare thing in this industry.
  • We salute you for your professional approach and are proud to have you as part of our staff.
  • We have come to depend on your market predictions and insightful observations.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • can take pride in
  • competence and sensitivity
  • done expertly and thoroughly
  • expertise and diligence
  • extra time and effort
  • hard work and commitment
  • have been invaluable
  • have set a standard for
  • have come to depend on
  • professional approach to
  • support you gave to
  • taking the initiative
  • talent combined with
  • the enthusiastic way you
  • time and effort
  • to go the extra mile
  • to take the lead in
  • your ability to
  • your willingness to
  • your contribution to
  • your influence on
  • your dedication to
3 Thank the employee for his or her contribution.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • Thank you for your dedication.
  • We appreciate your thoroughness.
  • Thank you for helping us make a smooth transition.
  • Thank you for your outstanding service.
  • Please accept my gratitude for your extra effort.
  • Thank you for your contribution.
  • We appreciate your devotion to your work.
  • Thank you for enriching our work environment.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • a significant contribution
  • a job well done
  • accept my gratitude for
  • an asset to our
  • appreciate having you
  • as a result of your efforts
  • best wishes for
  • cannot overestimate the value of
  • commend you for
  • congratulations to
  • continue to excel
  • continued success in
  • count it a privilege to
  • enjoy the rewards of
  • express our appreciation for
  • future association with
  • gain further recognition for
  • gain even more visibility
  • good luck with
  • hope other opportunities will
  • in the future
  • keep up the good work
  • look forward to
  • made the difference
  • making quite a name for yourself
  • making a great contribution to
  • many contributions to
  • our best wishes
  • reap many benefits from
  • sincerely grateful for
  • thank you for
  • thank you
  • very proud of
  • vital to our success
  • will be watching your
  • will prove to be of great value to
  • wish you continued success
  • wish you similar success with
  • your future endeavors
  • your future accomplishments
  • your contribution to
  • your happiness and success