Congratulate Someone on Winning a Contract • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Start with a direct statement of congratulations, identifying the success achieved.
2Acknowledge the effort, dedication, energy, sacrifice, or skill necessary for the achievement and express appreciation.
3Express your wishes for future successes.


Persons who do the work of preparing proposals and bid packages are essential to the success of many businesses. Recognizing them for their efforts and successes goes a long way toward helping them maintain high morale and enthusiasm. It helps anyone who succeeds in this endeavor.

Example Letter #1



You did a marvelous job on the Doe account. Even when everyone else lost faith, you pushed it through. We definitely owe this success to you. Please accept the enclosed bonus as our way of saying thank you.

You have tremendous talent and potential, and I am confident in your ability to repeat this success when we bid for our next account.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for securing the Doe contract. I know how hard you worked to make your presentation perfect, and you deserve both our thanks and our congratulations. We are very pleased that we have you on our team.

I hope you view this success not only as a part of your job, but also as the personal victory that it is. Keep up the good work!

Example Letter #3


Congratulations! You did it again.

Your presentation on Monday was everything I hoped it would be. The Doe representatives must have been impressed, too, because they called this morning to make arrangements to close a very profitable contract with us.

I feel I must tell you how much I appreciate the outstanding work you have contributed to our company, and I want to give you my personal best wishes for success in the future. We are happy that you are part of our team.

Example Letter #4


Excellent work securing the Springfield Hall remodeling contract! This job will surely give Doe Construction a name in this city.

We were up against some pretty big competition, but the bid you put together is both attractive and doable. The real key was your skill as a negotiator. We reward our stars, so expect a tidy bonus appended to your next paycheck as our way of saying thanks!

Let's hope this successful trend continues.


Acknowledge the effort, dedication, energy, sacrifice, or skill necessary for the achievement and express appreciation.

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