Congratulate an Official on an Appointment or on Winning an Election • Letter Examples and Guide

Copy a Letter

Example Letter #1


I have followed your career for years and was excited to read about your recent political victory. You have always impressed me with your clear vision and ability to get the job done against the most formidable opposition.

I hope you will continue to work for increased funding for our public schools. In fact, if you need help in this area, I will gladly lend my time and energies. I was a principal in the Springfield School District for fifteen years, and would willingly help in any efforts that benefit public education.

I wish you the best in this new term of office.

Example Letter #2


The members of the Springfield chapter extend a warm welcome to you as our national organization's new chairperson. We have heard many glowing reports of your work in the inner cities. Congratulations on your appointment.

We are confident that your influence will continue to encourage our proud tradition of involvement in worthwhile political causes. At this time we are supporting legislation in favor of tax cuts for America's small businesses, and we hope you will support these initiatives.

Example Letter #3


We were delighted to hear of your victory in Tuesday's election.

Working closely with your campaign staff helped us understand and appreciate your level of commitment.

Please don't forget those of us in education who have supported your efforts at improving the schools. It will be good to have a mayor in office who has made education a priority.

We at the district office pledge our further support. We look forward to productive cooperation between the Mayor's office and the school district.

Example Letter #4


Congratulations! We were so pleased to hear of your appointment to the vacant seat on the city council. Certainly your willingness to volunteer your time and effort, as well as express your opinions, has contributed to your being selected for the post.

We trust that you will continue to work for improved youth programs in Springfield, particularly upgrading the library. Please be aware that you have our full support. We wish you all the best as you represent us.

Letter-Writing Tips

These congratulatory letters can also function as a device to prod officials to take action on an agenda you advocate or favor.

Step-by-Step Guide

2 Acknowledge such things as the effort, dedication, energy, and sacrifice necessary for the achievement.

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3 Discuss any bills, programs, or ideas that you hope the new official will support.

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